Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Makeup Lover

Although I'm not officially lifting the "on hiatus" status of the blog, I felt that I needed to post these pictures while the items are available and relevant. I've been Christmas shopping these last few days and here are some items I've been able to find at a slightly discounted price from various merchants (detailed with each item).

My local Cosmetics Company Outlet has started carrying these Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kits at a lovely price of $22.50. Shades available may vary and I personally haven't used mine so I can't give you a detailed review just yet. But if you know someone who loves this item, that's one place you can check. The Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit includes a concealer on one side and setting powder on the other.

Off to Nordstrom Rack which I have come to realize is quite the source for discontinued Stila products. Almost $17 by their pricing, I thought that these Eye Shadow Trios were a steal. Not only do they come with three full-sized refill pans in coordinating colors, the set also comes with the now elusive refillable mirrored compact. It's a three-pan compact with a black outer casing. I would've bought these for the compact alone. My store had them in three varieties and I can't say if there are more. But my personal favorite is the smoky eye Monte Carlo trio, which, as you can tell from the picture, I've already used a few times. I liked it so much that I bought two... for myself :p

The boxes all look like the Monte Carlo box above but the colors in each set are different. Monte Carlo comes with the shimmery white Moonlight, a shimmery soft silver called Twilight and the also shimmery Black Cat. You can buy these three colors individually for $18 apiece so if this set is priced at $17, you can see how good a deal it is. The shadows themselves are made in USA and the compact is made in Korea.

Monte Carlo Eye Shadow Trio

The other two trios I got are Provence and Madrid, both pictured below. Provence features the pretty, shimmering golden peach shade Sun, the matte chocolate brown Coco and the matte, dark, reddish brown Mahogany.

Provence Eye Shadow Trio

Madrid features the matte neutral beige Dune, the shimmering copper rose Jezebel and the lovely, shimmery metallic plum Barefoot Contessa. As stand alone sets, I think that Provence and Madrid need assistance. I would use them together, if anything. Swap out one of the brown mattes for Dune or replace Jezebel with Sun, which is far more flattering on my skin tone than Jezebel ever will be. But someone more golden-toned than myself would probably love the Madrid trio untouched.

Madrid Eye Shadow Trio

Sephora had its Black Friday sale and I was able to get one of these Josie Maran Argan Color Sticks for $10. I think that they're back up at regular price although I still see the entry for the product on Sephora's website. It just says not in stock. The item below is also available as part of a set which includes a bottle of the Argan Illuminizer and a smaller version of the color stick for $20.

On the same sale, I picked up a couple of the $10 Brush Sets. Although I can't seem to find these online anymore, the Sephora store I went to yesterday still had them in all colors. It comes with a case (black, pink or silver) and 4 travel-sized brushes. I was surprised that I actually liked the brushes. They're soft and haven't shed despite a few washings. I think it's a nice set to keep in the purse or the car for emergency touch ups. The price doesn't hurt either.

I do have a few more items I'd like to feature before Christmas. I'll do my best to have the posts up within the week.

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  1. great deals! I don't have access to bobbi brown cosmetics, but maybe one day I can buy :)
    Stila shadow palette looks like a shadow palette Inglot ;)