Sunday, November 6, 2011

Top 5 - November 2011

Over the course of October, my husband and I did a major rehaul of the master bedroom, which included uprooting everything and moving around every piece of furniture in the room. This, of course, means that my vanity and all my makeup drawers have been moved. I hope that with the way it's all been reorganized, I could reach for items I may have forgotten about and more easily find ones that I keep looking for. I threw out a whole slew of things in the process and unearthed items from the past that I liked but didn't reach for that much. I also found more samples that I'd been meaning to test and finally got around to it. This month's top 5 features a combination of some of those old items and some new items, all of which I have constantly got my hands on this month:

1. Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Face Kit - this was a splurge that I made last year, thinking that its versatility would simply outweigh its cost. If you read my initial review, I liked it but I didn't love it. After my makeup reorg, I started to feel that this truly is a wonderful combination of everyday products and I have been using it all month long. You get top quality, beautiful colors and it's all in the same kit. I still stand by my original opinion that for the price, I wish it had included a brush. But I can say that every product in this kit, from the powder to the bronzer, is top notch and will work in any season. Right now, I do love it.

2. Rouge G de Guerlain in Gilian - that perfect nude lipstick. I once complained that I spent so much money on this and I don't see it at all on my lips. But after much use (and believe me, this is the only lipstick I've been wearing practically all month long), I realize that because I barely see it, it really is perfect. I think I've gotten pale in the last few weeks and this probably looks even better, the paler I get. I don't mind because all I need is the accompanying shine of the Chanel Glossimer in Sweet Beige and it looks good in very light. It feels really nice on the lips too.

Left: Sweet Beige Glossimer, Right: Rouge G in Gilian

3. Chanel Glossimer in Sweet Beige - it's the perfect match to the Rouge G in Gilian. Except for the fact that Gilian has a silver sheen and Sweet Beige has golden sparkles, the base color is so remarkably similar that if they were the same brand, I would give them the same name. They complement each other so well that I wear them together all the time now. I may actually use them both up at the rate I'm going.

4. Too Faced Shadow Insurance - yet another sample I dug out from my stash and started using again. I'm amazed at how well this matches my skin tone that it just fades into my lids. I don't find that it mutes the colors of my shadows like some eye primers do. I think it gives them vibrancy and lasting power and I'm even comfortable wearing this by itself. It reminds me of a BB cream that just melts right in. And with how little you use each time, it really isn't pricey.

5. BE Big, Bright and Brilliant Trio of Mini Eyeliners - that I use these eyeliners so much has been a surprise even to myself. I'm big on tightlining but have found myself either just pressed for time or too lazy to grab a flat eyeliner brush, dip in water and use a cake eyeliner. I had these sitting on my desk since I got them and I've used them every chance I could get. They do migrate at some point when used above the lashline but I like how they are easy to use and non-irritating when used on the lashline. They look natural and they are wonderfully creamy that they glide on.

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