Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color in Enivree

Back to home turf, pink lipstick. I picked a particularly warm day to try and capture Enivree in pictures. I took shots in different rooms, with different lighting and I even took some pictures outdoors. If you need to get a feel for what this color looks like, you can think of it in at least three ways (as shown below, all pictures of Enivree). I sometimes sense that it's got a hint of coral and yet in some lighting, I feel it's all pink. In direct sunlight, think peachy pink with fuschia and gold sparkles.

Enivree, from the 2011 Holiday Collection, is a very multi-dimensional medium pink. It has these little sparkly bits that capture light in various ways. They're not so noticeable once you have the lipstick on, which means that it's very wearable although a little out of place this season, in my opinion.

In truth, I am a little disappointed by Enivree. It takes a good many swipes to get the color as opaque as I'd like. I usually love the formula of this line and this feels comfortable, just a little on sheer side. Perhaps that is not a bad thing. If you pile the color on like I do, Enivree starts to feel more like Spring and not Fall or Holiday. Maybe it's a tactic to be able to sell something despite a thematic collection of red and gold. After all, not everyone wants to wear red lipstick. I mean, I bought it, and I totally skipped out on the red.

The swatch I have here is a little different from my usual swatches, as I took this outdoors, under direct sunlight, and with a different camera. I swiped the lipstick on my arm 20 times (I do not exaggerate. I counted.) to get to this level of intensity. As you can imagine, the less swipes you make, the less intense the color becomes.

Back indoors, I snapped a pic of Enivree, heavily applied, on my lips, with lighting from the bay windows of my tiled bathroom. See, it's all pink. You wouldn't have guessed that from the swatch. I think it's interacting with my natural lip color. The swatch, on the other hand, is interacting with the somewhat yellow cast of sunlight and the pale beige of my skin which renders it a little peachy. I bet this looks different on everyone.

I'm not sure how much I'll be reaching for this in the coming weeks. I'm just not feeling the color right now. I definitely think it's more a daytime pink though. If the weather stays warm, I may give it a little love.

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