Saturday, October 15, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish in Jules

I had put it on because it was my wedding anniversary and although we had postponed celebrating, I wanted to test drive a look I was planning for that special dinner out. My favorite Chanel associate and I agreed that with a polka-dot dress, black winged liner and a red lip were in order but what about the nails? I read somewhere that matching your nailpolish to your lipstick was no longer fashionable, so I thought I'd try a taupey gold by Zoya.

The name Jules, a perfect homonym for jewels, is actually appropriate for this shade. In the picture above, you see the more golden side of it. In the picture below, with less light, you see the taupe in it. After putting it on, I decided to leave it on for a few days because I quite liked the way it looked on my hands. My husband didn't say anything, which is usually a sign that he doesn't find the color unusual on me. I took that to mean that I could pass it off as a neutral.

Zoya polishes wear really well on me. No chipping and no fading. This one applies really well and tiny mistakes are so unnoticeable that it took no time at all to finish the manicure. It thought that it would be a semi-sheer but with two coats, it was practically opaque. I kept staring at my nails the day I first put it on. I looked at it in bright sunlight (golden and glittery), in a dark room (metallic and smooth), in the shower (multi-colored reflections coming off the glitter, just fascinating) and whenever I spotted a mirror, I had to see how it looked. I found myself daydreaming about how else I could photograph it except I'm the hand model and the photographer so unless I grew an extra pair of hands, there was no way to get all artistic about it.

I probably wouldn't wear this at a conservative office environment but it would be a smash for special occasions. Taupe meets gold. It's a lot like my favorite Metallic Creme Eye Colour from Laura Mercier in Gold. Christmas coming up soon?

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