Thursday, October 27, 2011

Too Faced Glamour To Go Pocket Palette - Dream Edition

I almost forgot that the main reason I decided to start featuring these Too Faced Pocket Palettes was because of the Friends & Family sale that Sephora has going on. Go to this link or just type in and it should lead you to the sign up page where you put in your email address and they email you a unique code to use to get 20%. The code is only valid online and can be used for one order until Nov 2, 2011. Until that date, I will be featuring mostly items sold by Sephora, in case you decided to wait until the last minute to use your coupon. You can only use it once and I've heard that there's a 60 item limit (seriously, that's more than enough) but items do eventually go out of stock so I'm not certain if it's a good idea to wait too long.

The second pocket palette that I have, and I got this fairly recently, is the Dream Edition. It features 8 eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer and one lip gloss. It's encased in roughly the same-sized palette as the Glamour To Go II palette, except this has a fancy-shaped lid. The design on the lid of the palette made it lose some of its slimness and does not add to its portability. The shape of the previous palette, a box with flat edges, makes it easy to slip in between things. The Dream Edition has a little more bulk and the fancy edging on the lid doesn't allow for the palette to sit flush against other things. It's a minor complaint but I question the change, as it does not seem like an improvement to the design at all.

As far as the eyeshadow selection goes, one major improvement made was the addition of a matte shade that could probably double as eyeliner. The mix of textures and the color variety itself makes this a more versatile set of colors than the previously reviewed Glamour To Go II palette. I appreciate the addition of a basic cream shade (although I wish it was matte) which I always look for in palettes and that pop of purple gives you the option to do something a little bright. My personal favorite is the color on the bottom right. It's something of a purply taupe and although it doesn't intensify as much as I'd like it to by itself, it looks wonderful paired with a metallic lavender cream shadow underneath.

I've been told by a Sephora associate that Too Faced reformulated their eyeshadows and she compared these to Urban Decay shadows as far as blendability goes. I don't know if I agree with that. These still apply a bit too sheerly and don't adhere as well as I'd like them to but I can live with that, considering the price. At $22 (yes, this is a dollar less than the other palette, according to Sephora's website), this is still a good value.

I appreciate the inclusion of a bronzer, which again makes this a slight improvement over the previous palette. The blush and bronzer apply faintly though, and I really loved the blush in the previous palette. I have swatched them next to each other for comparison.

Left shade from Glamour To Go II, 2 Shades on right from Dream Edition

Again, the placement of the lip gloss could have been better. If they had put the lip gloss over to one side and put the blush and bronzer next to each other, one could mix the blush and bronzer shades easily. The way it's currently arranged, not only does this double the chances of getting powder into the gloss, but you also really can't mix the powders together nicely. Granted, you don't have to mix the powders. I like having that option because it's like it gives you a third shade to work with.

I do like the gloss shade that was included in this palette. Although it's only one shade, I like it far better than any of the four included in the previous palette. It gives a hint of color and isn't too shimmery. It's very easy to use. If you're like me though, and you don't like the gloss being in between powder products, there's no reason you can't scoop it out (and put it in another container to bring along when you want to) and use that middle slot to possibly stow an applicator of some sort or just leave it empty.

I don't think that the quality of this palette is much different from the Glamour To Go II palette. It's ok. It's not amazing but it is a good value and it makes for a nice gift especially to one who likes the brand or to someone who isn't majorly picky with their makeup. It's a neat starter kit and I think that it could be useful for travel. All you need to add would be your brushes, eyeliner and mascara (maybe an eyeshadow base of some sort), foundation and powder. I think I'll try to review one of each of those in the next few days to get you travel-ready for Thanksgiving.

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