Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maybelline FitMe Foundation Swatches

I chanced upon a page in the latest issue of Glamour magazine that had samples of 9 out of 18 shades of the Maybelline FitMe Foundation. I have reviewed this foundation here and I use shade 120, which is one of the shades featured for Light complexions. There are 3 medium shades and 3 deep shades in the magazine sample as well.

This is an extremely light coverage foundation and I swatched them all on my very fair inner arm. This is by no means a way for you to immediately tell what shade you are but it gives you an idea of the range and how much deeper the shades go with each step up. The undertones vary with each shade as well. Shade 115, for instance, feels a bit pink to me, while the other two light shades, 120 and 130, seem more neutral. As I've mentioned in my review, I feel that shade 120 oxidizes rather pink, even if it doesn't look so upon first application. If you're concerned about yellowness, none of these light shades here are yellow.

As for the medium shades, I have found that shade 230 is more orange and 235 seems more golden/tan, which debunked my theory that the shades ending in 5 are more pink and the ones ending in 0 are more neutral to yellow. But there wasn't much in the sample so I couldn't get the swatch to deepen. The theory may still hold true. The deep shades are swatched below.

The line comes with coordinating concealer, powder and blush, designed to make item selection easier. It is priced well (MSRP $8 a bottle, although I got mine for under $7 at Target) and there are always coupons available. The sample page in Glamour also includes coupons.

UPDATE 10/23/12: I found the time to swatch four shades for you today. I found a three shade sample in another magazine. The samples were a lot more substantial than the previous batch but I only have shades 115, 220 and 310. I added my own shade 120 to the mix. This picture is a lot clearer than the ones I have above, if only because I had more product to work with. The lighting is different from the pictures above so the colors are less warm.

I tried my darndest to get the powders swatched too but only the deepest of the shades showed up enough for a swatch so I scrapped the idea. I have mentioned in my review that the powder is so sheer that I wouldn't recommend it as anything more than a pressed powder to set your makeup.

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