Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara

I have a drawer full of mascara. I'm serious. I do! I've been told that one needs to switch to a new tube every month, for hygiene reasons. It's going right by your eyes, you know? Better safe than sorry. But if one needs to replace the tube every month, this is definitely a purchase that needs a lot of thought. I want something that performs. It needs to look good and not smudge within a couple of hours. I'm also very picky with brushes. I've thrown out perfectly nice mascaras because I couldn't deal with the brushes.

Guerlain's Le 2 has two brushes. The main brush is a firm, short-bristled brush that surprisingly coats the lashes well and keeps the mascara from clumping. The second brush is a teeny-tiny bottom lash brush that I also use to add definition to the corners. It's so small that it reaches those inner corners well too.

main brush

little brush

The formula is pretty good. I like the way it applies. I get some length and some volume. Nothing over the top but better than the way my lashes normally look and it lasts me the whole day even without primer or a lash booster. I don't get irritation or fallout. Overall, I'd say they really hit the mark with Le 2. I'd like to see Guerlain come out with a waterproof version though. This one resists water rather well but it's not waterproof. If they come out with that, it's sure to be on my wishlist. It's expensive, I will admit. I'm not particularly looking forward to shelling out $36 every month for it but when the drawerful runs out, this is the one I'm going to repurchase.

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