Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Empire (with swatches/pics of Dragon and Ming)

Chanel has a small line of beautiful liquid lipsticks called Rouge Allure Laque. They don't come out with new colors often and the last two that I've seen out were both limited edition. This year's holiday collection includes the shade Empire which is a medium pink with a faint stream of gold shimmer.

I think that the Luminous Satin Lip Lacquer formula falls somewhere between lipstick and gloss. In texture and form, it's more gloss but it delivers more color and is not as shiny as your standard Glossimer. I have Dragon and Ming from the regular line. I'm thrilled to see another pink added to the roster. If you've found the shade Ming a little too light for your taste, Empire might be worth a look. It applies wonderfully opaque and lasts a few hours despite being a liquid formula. I've actually found that during the day, instead of reapplying, I could get away with "reactivating" whatever pigment is left on my lips with some Cherry Chapstick. This technique also works if you find that constant reapplication renders your lips dry. Alternating balm and lipstick will keep your pucker from chapping.

From left: Dragon, Ming and Empire

75 Dragon, 76 Ming and 707 Empire


I've mentioned that Empire has a golden shimmer. It's not very obvious but it adds a little something to the color. The effect is nice and application isn't anywhere near as fussy as with a red shade like Dragon. For reference, I also have the lip pic of Dragon applied without lipliner below. I didn't want to have the color affected in the picture. Lipliner should fix any imperfections on the edges though. With Dragon, you may want it. With Empire, it looks perfect even without.


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