Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Epatant and Illusoire

I still believe that no brand has mastered the art of shimmer quite like Chanel. With the Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows, they've given us a unique mousse-like texture in a truly long-wearing formula that will ensure your lids stay shimmery all day and night.


Not everyone wants to wear heavy shimmer in the daytime. I can get away with it because I don't have a conventional (read: office) job but I've found Epatant, in its light grey green glory very interesting. Even when applied sheerly, it calls attention to the eyes whenever I wear it. I think it's a beautifully done shade. If you want to tone down the shimmer, one way to do it is to go over it with a sheer powder shadow or translucent powder. But I think it's better left alone. Let it sparkle. That's what it does best.

With repeated use, I've found that these cream shadows don't always apply evenly on a bare lid. A primer is not necessary and I don't think it does much for this formula. I've found that the best way to make it adhere and at the same time ensure a truly opaque color with a little depth is to use another eyeshadow product underneath. I used the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Jungle under Epatant and it was the best partner for it. Jungle is a deep green but Epatant is wildly opaque and it covers up Jungle completely. For some reason, it adheres superbly to the lid when I use the Caviar Stick under it. It also gives Epatant just a hint of depth which will keep it from looking too silver on the lid.

I've played with Epatant and Illusoire, making Epatant the main lid shade and adding Illusoire to the outer corner and the crease. Illusoire, a deeper violet shade, works well with it. The two colors blend seamlessly, testament to the genius of this formula. My only complaint is that it's easy to grab altogether too much product. I use cream shadow brushes and concealer brushes for application. If I put too much on the brush and I sweep it on to the lid, it results in fallout that's a little tricky to remove. Some of the shades are also glittery and the trail of glitter can be a pain when they land on places where you don't want glitter. That said, after learning careful application techniques I began to enjoy using the product more. If you've read my review of the shade Mirifique here, I've complained of the glitter fallout before. You might also want to read my quick post about what happened when attempted to use it on the lashline here.

From left: Mirifique, Illusoire, Epatant

If you're looking for complementary shades to Epatant and Illusoire, may I suggest having a look at the Chanel quads. The violet tones in Vanites work well with Illusoire. Although I've tried monochromatic green shades with Epatant, I have also successfully used it with the Prelude quad which is a real winner when it comes to versatility.

I think Illusoire makes for an interesting eyeliner color (just above the lashline and not on it) although as far as shades go, I've found Epatant to be the easiest to use. I would love for Chanel to come out with a taupe-gold shade or perhaps a brown-bronze. I hope they'll have the shimmer finish of Epatant. But for a few holiday parties coming up, I think that these will work nicely.

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