Monday, October 24, 2011

Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Brun Rose

The Chanel Holiday 2011 collection has been out for some time now. I zeroed in on two products from the collection, namely the tweed blush in Tweed Brun Rose and the Rouge Allure Laque in Empire. I may pick up a couple more items along the way but the red and gold theme, while attractive, isn't very me. I rather enjoyed the inclusion of crowd pleasers in pink and beige and the Rouge Allure lipstick and the Glossimer may yet charm their way into my stash. For now, let's talk blush.

Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Brun Rose

I'm a fan of the tweed formula. I think it's the ultimate in foolproof. The soft color and varied tones make it difficult to get application wrong. That said, there are a few disappointments for me, as far as Tweed Brun Rose goes. It's alarmingly similar to Tweed Corail, which makes sense since Tweed Corail is being discontinued. Think of it as the updated version. The name suggests something of a brown rose, so that's what I thought it would be. But on me, this comes off more dark coral, even after the overspray has worn off. I was really looking forward to something of a pink brown. This is not it.

Having said all that, this isn't going into the regrets pile. It's still a lovely color that demands to be used over the holidays. I wear it now, lightly applied, for just that hint of color on the cheeks. The smooth, all-day formula glides like butter on the cheeks. I think it's a year-round shade that you could pop into your blush rotation if you're missing something like this.

Tweed Brun Rose on left, Tweed Corail on right

I swatched these on my arm using a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator. Tweed Brun Rose on the left appears even more coral in these swatches. Next to it, you get the sense that Tweed Corail is actually something of a pink peach. Tweed Brun Rose looks more intense. But one thing to consider when looking at swatches like this, is that this is a multi-tonal blush. It's not going to appear exactly the same way everytime you put it on. It depends if you get more dark pigment or light pigment on your brush. It depends if the dark pigment adheres to your skin more than the light pigment. Maybe it looks this way because I got more dark pigment on the applicator for Tweed Brun Rose. It also depends on how intensely you apply. With light-handed application, I feel like they look almost the same. They have the same effect on my face, despite the subtle color difference.

I've said in my Tweed Corail review that I had hoped that they would come out with a new version of Tweed Corail because it is no longer in production. With Tweed Brun Rose, I think that they just did, although Tweed Corail is still available for purchase in a lot of places. I do not prefer one over the other. Tweed Corail is a little lighter and brighter but they both have that brightening effect on my face. This is something you would need to try on to determine what will work better with your skin tone.

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