Friday, October 28, 2011

Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Big, Bright & Brilliant Trio of Mini Eyeliners

Here's another gift idea. A trio of mini eyeliners from Bare Escentuals for $10. I'd never tried their eyeliner products before and thought that this made a nice introduction. It has 3 colors: Black Gold, Black Diamond and Midnight Moon.

Upon first opening the box, I gasped at how tiny the eyeliners were. They're roughly 3 inches long each and that's not even telling how much product is actually in there. Each is an automatic pencil which twists up. The package says each liner has .006 oz. of product. That doesn't seem like much but think of it as a trial size and it's nice for stowing in your purse, a car kit and for travel.

Black Gold is described as black with gold shimmer. Black Diamond is black with silver shimmer. Midnight Moon is supposedly a dark navy with blue shimmer.

I was disappointed that Black Gold didn't look much different from Black Diamond. In essence, they are both a soft black and Midnight Moon is something of a navy-charcoal. The shimmer in each barely shows. I don't mind that but I was expecting a bit of that gold to mix in with the black and produce a color that looks different. Maybe brownish. That would have given this set an excellent variety in shades.

From left: Black Gold, Black Diamond and Midnight Moon

The swatches should have given me a good indication of how long-lasting this product is. I didn't remove it with waterproof eye makeup remover and the lines stayed on my arm faintly for 3 days. Not to worry! It was just a test. Actually wearing it on my eyes, it removed cleanly with a dose of MUFE Sens'Eyes Sensitive Eye Cleanser

Despite the initial disappointment in the size of the product and the actual color of the liners, I was actually pretty impressed by the product. It applies smoothly, without tugging. It deposits color cleanly and can be intensified as much as I want. I can use it on the lashline without irritation or fading and it's just a great overall eyeliner that I honestly would consider buying in full size. If I wear it by itself and don't set it with eyeshadow, it does migrate to my upper lid after a few hours but all pencil liners do that. This holds up reasonably well. At least the line doesn't fully disappear.

The manufacturer claims that the product is preservative-free and recommends that you toss it after 6 months. I suspect that the velvet-smooth formula hardens in time. Right now, it glides on easily and is also smudgeable. Just one question though. Where is the "built-in sharpener" that's mentioned on the box? Because if they simply meant that it's an automatic pencil and doesn't need sharpening, I beg to differ. There is a type of sharpener for this kind of eye pencil (I have some that come with my Revlon and Chanel eyeliners) and this does not have it.


  1. Great the sharpener- try tugging off the bottom, by the band of colour. That's where it is on the full sized versions.

  2. Tried that. There was nothing there. I suspect that the description simply referred to the full-sized versions which do have it. Still a good pencil though.