Friday, September 23, 2011

MAC Me Over Rachel & Ian Eyeshadow in Mythical

MAC Eyeshadow in Mythical

I decided to take a chance and order an unusual shade for my eyeshadow collection. The MAC associate showed me a couple of ways to wear it and said I should wear it around the house for a little bit, to see if I would become accustomed to the way the color looked on my eyes. You see, the color is rather... orange. Reddish tones and orange shades aren't in my everyday roster as I usually find them on the unflattering side for my skin tone and hair color. But Mythical amused me, so I took it home.

I rarely buy MAC eyeshadow that's not just a refill pan. I like the idea of popping the pans into a palette (I have the 4-pan and the 15-pan palettes) and I just don't feel like depotting them. I'm leaving this one in the pot, if only because it's definitely a more limited occasion color. The Veluxe Pearl finish is beautiful. It's shiny and rich in pigment. Formula-wise, I love it. I've also been told that it's limited edition. Kind of heightens the gotta have it attitude, no?

Mythical is something of a rust color that leans more orange when applied. You could say copper but on the light side. The associate told me that one way to experiment with colors you don't normally use would be to wear them just on the crease. However, I've found that with my eye shape, I appreciate this particular shade better if I can wear it on the lid, not going anywhere above the crease, and mixing in a darker shade on the outer corner and crease (did I confuse you yet?).

One specific combination that I've found to work is to bring in the NARS duo in Cheyenne, one side of which is a yellow orange and the other side a kind of brick brown. Applying Mythical all over the lid until just under the crease, I use the yellow orange to accent the inner corner, blending into the inner third of the eye and I use the brick on the outer corner and crease. Apply a dark liner and mascara and it's done. It's not over the top and it's actually wearable, despite the seemingly bold colors. You can use another pair of colors, of course. I believe that the Cheyenne duo is discontinued. But a very light yellow or even a beige and a coppery bronze will probably filter Mythical in the same way. I'm thinking Laura Mercier's Cognac for some depth.

With this purchase, I also got the MAC Fluidline in Avenue and the Lipglass in Social Light, which I will feature in the next few days.

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