Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Laura Mercier Lip Colour in Bing Cherry

I'm still testing the new Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks and haven't formed a complete opinion on it but I promise, a review is in the works. With my order for the Caviar Sticks however, I got a lipstick sample in the shade Bing Cherry.

I had read somewhere that Bing Cherry is a universally flattering red. Now, I'm not one to wear red lipstick. It's just not in my comfort zone. Not that I haven't ever tried and I will wear the occasional festive shade but that's my point exactly. The color is maybe a little too festive for me to wear regularly. For my wedding anniversary however, I thought I might test drive Bing Cherry.

Chanel Dragon on left, Bing Cherry on right

I swatched it next to the Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon which I had originally planned to wear before I got my sample of Bing Cherry. Dragon is a liquid lipstick so in the back of my mind, Bing Cherry may work well as the base lipstick and I could possibly use Dragon on top like a gloss. As I put on Bing Cherry, I was reminded of the things that make me avoid red lips. First, I have full lips. I don't need to emphasize my pout. Second, a color so rich is high maintenance and must be applied with care. I get really unhappy when my lipstick looks haphazardly applied (nude shades are more forgiving). But lipstick is often the last thing I put on so I'm usually in a hurry by the time I get to it. Rushing, of course, did not work. And I did end up mixing shades on anniversary night. Sorry no picture. I really was in a hurry.

The picture below is all Bing Cherry. I did not apply a lipliner or gloss. It's a deep red with the tiniest plum sprinkle and a cream finish. I wasn't sure that I liked the cream finish very much. I feel like it killed some of the vibrance of the color and left me looking for a little shine. But if you're going for cherry-kissed (apply blot, apply blot and leave a stain) look, I think that it's a good shade for that purpose. I also want to add that on me, if I apply a very thick coat of Bing Cherry, it becomes very dark. The slightly red-stained look seems more appealing.

I generally like Laura Mercier lipticks. I like the creamy feel. I like that they're not drying and they come off completely when it's time for bed. This one passes all the tests for lipstick, including an acceptable wear time. The color is definitely wearable but may be out of character for me. If you're looking for a red for fall, it's one to consider.

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