Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clarins Younger Longer Balm (and Clarins Night Routine)

If you read the previous post detailing my adventures with Clarins skincare, here is the second part. The "night routine" involves the Instant Eye Makeup Remover, the One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, the Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream, and the Younger Longer Balm which will be the focus of the review.

For evening cleansing, I start by removing my makeup and using my Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover sample. I'm quite happy with how it removes even waterproof eyeliner. I think it rivals Lancome's Bi-Facil. They're the same price for the same size ($26 for 4.2 oz.) and they're both bi-phase. You must shake well to mix the components, saturate a cotton pad with it and it cleans up the eye area of makeup very well. No complaints.

I've mentioned using the Gentle Foaming Cleanser twice a day but I also tried the One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser when Sephora still had the 2.6 oz. tube for sale at $10. I got one because of the rave reviews. It has a nice orange scent but my oh my, was it ever abrasive! I literally got wounded from the first use. I don't scrub that hard and I've used many different scrubs before. But it was the first time I ever stepped out of the shower bleeding :( As an exfoliator, it definitely did not work for me. It's surprising because they even recommend it for daily use. I would steer clear.

Despite that snag, I soldiered on using just the Gentle Foaming Cleanser to wash my face in the evening and then on alternate nights I use the Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream and the Younger Longer Balm. The reason I alternate is because the instructions tell you not to use the Younger Longer Balm every night. I had a full-size Younger Longer Balm and a sample size of the other cream. The Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream designed for normal to dry skin promises some anti-wrinkle benefits and cellular renewal overnight. While the texture is still thicker than I'd prefer, it befits a night cream. The scent is ok and while I did not note amazing things upon waking, I liked it.

The Younger Longer Balm, on the other hand, is a lot different from most creams I've used. It's very thick coming out of the tube and it's also highly scented. The scent didn't bother me but learning the proper method of application took awhile. (I pump into my palm, rub it warm and press palms into the face.) I also needed to figure out just how much to use. It's not a cheap cream that I feel like slathering on generously. At $99 for 1.6 oz., I attempted to use it sparingly at first. But in the end, a couple of long pumps seemed better.

I admit, I also bought the full-size Younger Longer Balm because it supposedly works on broken capillaries (I had a tough pregnancy and had broken capillaries on my cheeks). It was impressive the first few months that I used it. Sometimes, I even use it to touch up foundation and it works nicely for that purpose although Clarins makes a product that's specifically for that so I wouldn't waste this more expensive balm on touch ups. On nights that I used it, I woke up still well-moisturized in the morning. But I found that in the thick of winter, it just wasn't moisturizing enough. In the summer, it was too greasy. Go figure. I've finished one entire bottle and a slew of sample tubes and now I think that maybe it wasn't all that it's cracked up to be. Nice, as I said. But would I buy it again? I don't think so. I like instant gratification, ease of application, year-round effectivity and although I'm willing to shell out for something that truly works, I find that this wasn't fulfilling all the criteria of my perfect alternating night cream. The broken capillaries are still there although somewhat less noticeable. But who knows if the balm did that or if it was just time that helped heal me?

Beyond these products, I also used an eye cream (I use Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream) and the Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Neck Cream. The neck cream feels nice on but has a very strong perfumed scent. This one actually does bother me a little. Does it work? I think it keeps the neck nice and moisturized but they need to tone down the scent.

After using 9 different Clarins skincare products, I'd say that one of the biggest issues I have with the line is the fragrance. Everything is scented and for some of the products, like the neck cream and the day cream, it's just overwhelming. Which ones would I consider keeping in my regimen when I'm done testing out samples from different brands? I'd say the Gentle Foaming Cleanser is a good bet. I may repurchase that. I'm not too keen on the day serum or cream but I did like the UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40. The only thing that's stopping me from grabbing that in full size is because I think that Neutrogena makes a similar product for much less. In the evening routine, I think that the Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream is nice and I may reconsider that along the way. I also liked the Eye Makeup Remover. The Younger Longer Balm is nice to have around but I may find something more effective and easier to use for less.

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  1. I love Clarins products. Especially the Cleansing Milk and the Multi-Active Night Cream