Friday, September 16, 2011

Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow in Vanites

Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow in Vanites

My fondness for purple eyeshadow is well-documented. In fact, if given a choice between palettes of blues or violets, 99% of the time I would grab the violets. Chanel's display had the Lagons quad, with its pretty blues and Vanites, with its pinks and purples. The Chanel associate had Vanites on when I visited her counter and she obliged me by applying the quad on me in the same way that she did it on herself. I'm the lady who always asks associates what they're wearing. Barring minor differences in hair color and skin tone, I usually feel that if it looks nice on her, it could look nice on me. Plus it's purple, it probably will.


For the eye look, she used the Chanel Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow in Source as a base, then applied all four colors in the Vanites quad and the Eyeliner in Cassis. I wasn't able to take a picture of the look but when I got home, I felt that Source gave the entire look more pinkness than I wanted and I would have preferred a more brown lavender base like the new Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst. I didn't really have a lot of time to put on makeup the next day though so I didn't get a chance to work with that. Instead, in an attempt to simplify the process, I picked just two colors from the quad and worked with those. I applied a champagne cream shadow from Bobbi Brown as a base and worked the iridescent taupey plum through the outer half of the lid and into the crease. Then I used the lavender to the left of that in the palette and applied it on the inner corner, blending into the inner half of the lid and finished with black eyeliner and mascara. I was pleased that it could produce a very safe, everyday pairing and that I wouldn't be limited to special occasions to use the Vanites quad. 

Overall, I think that this is a nice quad to have. Not a necessity but a nice shift from everyday browns if you're in a makeup rut. I think that the shades will work through a variety of skin tones and will never look overdone. The shadows are highly blendable. The combinations can be tweaked for everyday use, which is a plus. And they say violet really complements brown eyes. In the case of Vanites, I think it's true.

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