Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brows by Benefit

I had heard that Benefit Brow Bars offer a free brow service on your birthday so I decided to investigate. In the weeks leading up to my wedding anniversary (which is 8 days before my birthday), I walked into an Ulta with a Benefit Brow Bar. The information which I was incorrectly given at the time was that the service is only free on the day of your birthday. I checked the Benefit website and it says that the free brow arch service is valid during the week which includes your birthday (Sun to Sat) so I called to schedule the appointment.

The service that I received was satisfactory. The lady who worked on my arches was pleasant and professional. We discussed what she was going to do and how she was going to do it (brow wax virgin here) and I walked away pleased with my now well-groomed brows. I also had an upper lip wax although there was barely anything to do there so it took all of 30 seconds and it was done (she didn't even charge me for it). I graciously accepted the free service and granted her a sufficient tip. The brow and lip service combined would have cost $25 together. The brows alone would be $20. They do offer other services which I think are worth looking into if you need it. For me, after a few weeks of growing out my brows, I was definitely ready for some neat arches. I recommend the service and will surely be back in the future.

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