Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wet N Wild ColorIcon Eye Shadow Trios in Silent Treatment and Sweet As Candy

I picked up these Wet N Wild Trios at my local CVS when they had a BOGOHO promotion. I was immediately drawn to Silent Treatment, with its purply taupe and peach highlighter. They were $2.99 apiece and with the promotion, I would get two for roughly $4.50. However, there weren't a lot of trios to choose from at the time so I just picked Sweet As Candy, thinking it would make for a simple everyday brown/pink combo.

Silent Treatment

The premise of these trios is very simple. Embossed right in the shade is its recommended purpose. If that's not clear enough, flip it over and you'll find instructions on how to use the palette.

I say it again and again though that I don't think "rules" apply to everyone. If you find yourself totally clueless about how to approach eyeshadow, it's a good starting point. But the more you get used to applying makeup, you will pick up a number of techniques that will work for your eye shape and other facial factors. Following the instructions actually lent me disastrous results but applied my own way, I thought Silent Treatment looked very sophisticated, something not even remotely betrayed by its price tag. That said, the product isn't perfect. It is on the powdery side texture-wise, the color looks better with primer on (less muddy, especially when blended) and although I didn't get creasing or much fading throughout the day, I find the formula a bit drying on my lids. Does anybody else have this problem? Because a lot of cheap eyeshadows have this effect on me. I feel like my eyelids get dry, especially at the outer corners. It makes me want to take the makeup off immediately. I find that it only happens with more powdery shadows though and usually drugstore brand ones. The Wet N Wild shadows do it and the Revlon ones do too.

Silent Treatment

Anyway, I digress. Silent Treatment offers a really nice combination of colors. The taupe lid shade is especially nice. The crease shade has little golden glitter pieces and is very dark so I recommend a good tap of the brush before blending in. I would also use it very sparingly. The lightest dip into the color is all you need to get a contouring effect. The browbone shade feels a little frosty to me. but applied in moderation, seems to blend in nicely with the rest of the colors. I think, in the end, this trio is probably your best bet if you'd like to try this line of palettes.

Sweet As Candy

Sweet As Candy turned out to be quite the disappointment for me. Maybe I'm too old for these colors (I'm 34) but the pink just looked ridiculous on me. I also use white highlighters very sparingly as I find beigier shades to be more flattering. So really, the only useful color to me is the crease shade which is a medium brown. I'd use it all over the lid and skip the pink if you were my age. They also kind of didn't blend too well. The pink frost overtook everything when I attempted to use this as directed. I blended in a matte taupe to balance things out and was able to walk out of the house feeling alright about the way it looked. If these colors appeal to you though, this palette is the same price as the other trio ($2.99) and although a bit powdery, offers acceptable pigmentation. A decent primer should ensure no creasing or fading should happen throughout the day.

Sweet As Candy

All told, if you want some very inexpensive workable colors, the Silent Treatment Trio is a good bet. But if you have a little extra, I'd say spend it on something else.

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  1. Hmm, I've never had that problem with eyeshadow, cheap or otherwise. Maybe the skin of your eyelids tends to be a bit dry? Mine are a bit oily, so that could be why I've never had that issue. In any case, the pigmentation of these palettes is pretty impressive considering the price! I've owned e.l.f. eyeshadows before (recently just threw them all out) and they've got nothing on the Wet 'n' Wild shadows, from what I can see! :)