Friday, August 12, 2011

Sephora@JCPenney opens at King of Prussia Mall

I got up early today, put on my face and drove off to KOP to check out the Sephora that just opened inside JCP. So I wasn't exactly early, and not really thinking I could snag any freebies at that rate. I was parking my car as they opened the doors. By the time I found the Sephora, it was packed. I got my free makeup bag with some samples and browsed for approximately 2 minutes before I decided that it was much too crowded to enjoy myself.

The strange thing is, there's a Sephora down the same hallway and it wasn't crowded there. I often wonder how they compete or if they're all friends, you know? In the same way that there's a MAC store further down that hallway, along with a MAC counter inside the Nordstrom. What's with the duplicates? As I went further down the hall and into the MAC store, I had a chat with the associate there and she brought up an interesting point. Well, I guess people who have a JCP card can shop at the Sephora inside JC Penney. In the same way that Nordstrom shoppers can use their Nordstrom card to buy MAC. As I complained about the limited selection Nordstrom offered by way of eyeshadow refill pans, we decided to get me a new everyday look with some peach, brown and gold. Packed Mulch, Arena and All That Glitters, along with the Indianwood Paint Pot and I was good to go. When I get down to swatching the shades, I'll try to share the look with you. Have a great weekend!

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