Thursday, August 4, 2011

Revlon Luxurious Color Satin Eyeshadow in Nude Slip

This is one of the eyeshadows that I'm wearing today. I'm on my way out but I thought I'd post a quick review.

Revlon Luxurious Color Satin Eyeshadow in 020 Nude Slip

This line of single eyeshadows from Revlon has a few good colors to offer. Nude Slip, being something of a brown-pink with shimmer works nicely as a lid wash and applied lightly, can double as a highlighter. It's an effortless color, in the same vein as Stila's Kitten eyeshadow but less frosty, perhaps a lot like Urban Decay's Toasted but just a smidge lighter. Depending on how heavily you layer it, I think it walks the line between Sin and Toasted (both of which can be found in the Urban Decay Naked Palette).

From left: Revlon Nude Slip, Stila Kitten, UD Sin, UD Toasted

I think the formula is a bit to powdery but a quick tap of the brush to get off excess powder helps when you're applying it. It does mess up a good bit in the pan though. Pigment-wise, it's an easy build. The pigment isn't too heavy, which works if you like to build color slowly. For this kind of shade, I think that absolutely works. I'm not wearing any primer today and it applied well. I previously wore this with primer and either way works. I don't sense heavy fading throughout the day and no creasing either. My lids are not oily though, and it's been cool the last few days.

Nude Slip

I was initially going for a very simple look with a pink nude shadow and black-rimmed eyes. I was trying to copy a Kate Winslet look that I saw in a magazine. But having small eyes and a small crease, the look emphasizes all the wrong things for me. Lining the waterline makes them look smaller and there was a definite need for a contouring color. I ended up dabbing on a couple of other shades which I'll be reviewing in the next few days. One of the other colors I used, Polished Bronze, I could probably post about tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to go through the rest of the line (a couple of matte shades and "perle" ones as well) by the end of next week.

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