Saturday, August 6, 2011

Revlon Luxurious Color Matte Eyeshadow in Peach Sorbet and Rich Sable

I wanted to go through the reviews for the Revlon eyeshadows that I've had sitting on my desk for months now so allow me to feature the two mattes in my collection today. Although I got these two separately quite awhile back, the satin shades excited me more so these kind of got left behind. I didn't even bother photographing them when I first got them because I wasn't sure if I was going to review them. But after I realized that I'd picked up a whole set, I went ahead and photographed the used pans anyway.

Left: Peach Sorbet, Right: Rich Sable

Like the previously reviewed satin shades, these are a little powdery although I find that they don't make as much of a mess in the pan as Nude Slip or Polished Bronze. I wanted to review these together because while they're both matte, I find that they have a few differences. Peach Sorbet, which I've been using as a highlighter, can get powdery-looking when on. I'm sure the nature of the shade has a lot to do with it but they really could have added more peach pigment in there. This verges on chalky and I do not recommend it as a lid wash or a base. I often end up using the tiniest amount of Peach Sorbet just under the brow and then brushing my finger over the area quickly to set any loose pigment. I then blend this down towards the crease to blur any dark edges.

Left: Peach Sorbet, Right: Rich Sable

Rich Sable on the other hand works rather well as a crease color. I swatched it with primer here and you can see how intensely dark brown it is. If you don't use a primer or you instead slowly build this color into your crease, it will not intensify this much but it gives a nice depth. It's a no-fail basic matte brown that is blendable. Used with Nude Slip and Polished Bronze, it provides that much-needed contour on my lids.

The mattes I've seen come in 7 shades but I would mix and match matte shades with the satin ones to keep the colors from looking flat. There are also a bunch of "perle" shades, two of which I will show you next week.

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