Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quick Beauty and Skincare Q&A (on wrinkles, toothpaste and aloe vera)

I sought out a little help getting answers to some frequently asked questions and a couple that were just pretty interesting to me. I love getting your emails and will surely be doing more Q&A posts in the future. Meantime, here's a post submitted by Aleya who writes the blog for Long Island Beauty School, a beauty school in New York that also has locations in Florida.

Why do some anti-wrinkle products seem to work only temporarily? How can we make the effect last?

As people age, their body is less able to produce the vast amounts of collagen and elastin it could when they were younger. This results in the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles. Skin firming cream and anti-wrinkle cream often contain collagen and elastin, although the body cannot actually absorb such large proteins through a skin firming lotion. Consequently, using such products often makes no difference to a person’s skin no matter how long they use the skin firming cream and how much of it they apply to their face and body.

I've been told that toothpaste works for pimple spot treatment. Is this true and why/how does it work?

The answer to this question is: it depends. Some toothpastes contain ingredients which can help get rid of pimples, while others do not, and in some cases they can actually irritate the skin. Given that there are numerous other acne remedies available, toothpaste should really only be viewed as a last resort. It also usually requires an overnight treatment to work effectively, so don't depend on toothpaste for emergent zit crises.

I have patches of redness at the corners of my mouth that get dry and flaky. They won't go away no matter what I do. Could it be my toothpaste?

It could be the toothpaste, try Aloe Vera! Aloe restores moisture in the skin. Try it for a month, it will help!

I don't get pimples often but when I do, they last for weeks and a few leave red bumps that won't go away. Is there a solution to this?

I have acne prone skin, and I have been putting Aloe Vera on my face every night and I LOVE it! It takes out the redness and swelling.

And here's a quick tip: Before applying foundation, always use a moisturizer then a primer! Primer helps protect the skin from sucking in your makeup, and causing blackheads and whiteheads.

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