Tuesday, August 2, 2011

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Single Eyeshadow in Gilded Bronze

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Single Eyeshadow in Gilded Bronze

This is the other L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eyeshadow I picked out from the current batch I could find at my local Target. Gilded Bronze, aptly described, is a very yellow gold-toned bronze shade with a lovely shimmer. I find that this builds color so much better than Smooth Latte. It is richer in pigment and generally smooth.

I have to admit, the color itself disappointed me a little. It's just so yellow! To be able to wear it, I have to use Smooth Latte as a lid wash to mute some of the yellowness of Gilded Bronze. Layering the two, however, I've found that it's not the easiest shade to blend over things. It's manageable and not entirely frustrating but I don't see the hallmarks of a great eyeshadow. In the end, I may actually find myself reaching for Smooth Latte more than Gilded Bronze. Gilded Bronze also applies more evenly with a primer or any cream base. I do not have such issues with Smooth Latte.

I tried a look with the two eyeshadows but ended up using two other shades (both Matte and both Revlon) to create something interesting and flattering for daily use. I plan to refine the look a little more before I post any pictures but what I did learn from it was that neither of the L'Oreal shadows I picked up had enough depth to go into the crease but neither works as a highlight either. At least for my eyes, that seems to be the case.

L'Oreal 825 Gilded Bronze

At this point, I'm going to keep playing with these eyeshadows in combination with singles from other brands. If I ever reach some kind of eureka moment that involves L'Oreal Wear Infinite Single Eyeshadows, you'll be the first to know! Right now, I'd say they're average in all aspects. Not the best in the drugstore world and certainly not the worst.

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