Monday, August 1, 2011

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Single Eyeshadow in Smooth Latte

I've never tried L'Oreal eyeshadows before. Not knowing at all what to expect, I picked up two very safe colors for testing. First up is 812 Smooth Latte which is a matte light brown. You get 0.1 oz. of product in the pan, which after a quick inspection of all the singles I own, seems to be the the most eyeshadow one can get in a single pan. At under $5, if it turns out to be a really good product, it would be such an excellent value.

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Single Eyeshadow in Smooth Latte

I was surprised at how lightly this applies. It took multiple swipes to get the swatch dark enough to photograph. Applying it on the lid with a brush, it takes about the same amount of effort (a few swipes over the same area) to get the color to be noticeable. Whether this is good or bad simply depends on what you consider to be good in an eyeshadow. Personally, I like to get a mixture of heavily-pigmented colors and other sheerer ones in my stash. I appreciate that Smooth Latte isn't powdery despite the lightness of the color when applied. But I do wish it was easier to grab pigment off the pan. I get tired of going over the area again and again.

When you get a shade that to me is the color of my daily coffee (iced, decaf, 2% and sweet), I think lid wash. This isn't ever going to be dark enough for the crease. Anyone who wears anything darker than NC20 will not be able to see the color on their lids. For me, I could safely wear just Smooth Latte, eyeliner and mascara and call it a day. I can see this becoming someone's favorite everyday lid wash for that polished look. It's an everyday "I'm not really wearing makeup" neutral shadow. And I could also see possible complaints that this color does not show up at all.

L'Oreal 812 Smooth Latte

As for wear, I had this on without primer on a very hot day and it was fine for hours. No creasing, no melting, no fading. I bought this along with a gold shade which I'm still testing and can't make generalizations about the line. I will say at this point, that the two are vastly different in the way they apply. I'd say Smooth Latte works best as a lid wash for light-skinned ladies but may not be your best bet with Wear Infinite Single Eyeshadows. If you're getting this, you'd probably want another color or two to mix with to create depth and shadows On my skin tone, it's not much different from grabbing a super light bronzer or even a slightly darker shade of pressed powder and applying it to the lid.

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