Monday, August 8, 2011

JK Jemma Kidd I-Design Eye Colour in Backstage and Vanity Fair

Yesterday was Target day for us and browsing those little bins at the endcaps, I found some JK Jemma Kidd products at varying discounts, some already at 75% off or more. Of the batch which included liquid liners and eyeshadows, I picked out what I thought were the most notable of the bunch and brought home the eye colors in Backstage and Vanity Fair.

Left: Vanity Fair, Right: Backstage

Backstage is a gunmetal shade with a little bit of sparkle. The teeny-tiny bits of glitter however, barely translate. From most angles, you don't even see it. So if you don't like glitter, this is not one to worry about. If anything, it has a hint of sheen that actually makes the color a little bit more interesting.

JK Jemma Kidd I-Design Eye Color in Backstage

Vanity Fair is a matte taupe. On the pan, it looks very plain but I think this is a very nice neutral taupe.

JK Jemma Kidd I-Design Eye Color in Vanity Fair

Swatching the testers in the store, I felt that pigmentation was decent on these two. Swatching them at home, I am very happy to note how nicely these apply. They're smooth, almost creamy, if that makes sense with powder shadows. They're not powdery at all. I swatched these with and without a primer and you can see that even without primer, the colors hold up well. I'd love to get them down for full-on testing and review so I may yet feature these individually but I didn't want you to miss out on a deal, if you can still find these at your local Target.

Swatches done by a sunny window. Left side no primer, right side with primer.

Flash swatches. Left no primer. Right with primer.

The colors generally have good reviews online and they're still at regular price on the Target website ($18) so they're widely available. The markdown in-store has gone as low as $4 apiece. That puts these shadows squarely in the drugstore arena pricewise.

Other shades also on clearance now at the store are the midnight blue Must Have, a lighter cobalt blue called Dramatic, the bright yellow Urban and the gold Theatre. I didn't get any of the blue ones because the pans were in poor shape and I am not really interested in a yellow or gold shade right now. There are a variety of eyeliners still on clearance and I've swatched a couple of these before. They're not my favorite liners because they take long to dry but there is a dark shade in those bins right now. If you want to see some swatches, click here. They also have some lipsticks although I do not recommend those.

I want to note that I previously reviewed the JK Jemma Kidd Show Glow Bronzing Powder in Expose and this product is now marked down to $8 online although I no longer see it in the store. My review for that bronzer is here. Which reminds me that I should probably use that today since it's been sitting among a stack of bronzers I haven't used in awhile.

If I have time, I might run back to Target later and I'll report what else I see on clearance that might be worth a look.

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