Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maybelline Express Finish Nail Color in Taupeward and Beige Glace

Maybelline Express Finish Nail Color in Beige Glace (left) and Taupeward (right)

New from Maybelline and Limited Edition, these polishes showed up in a tiny display at my local Ulta. I'd never seen them anywhere else and I'm certain that they're new but I have yet to place a name on the collection. Seems to be a bunch of taupes and beiges with 4 nail colors and matching ColorSensational lipsticks. Anyway, I got two shades, 659 Taupeward and 670 Beige Glace.

Maybelline Nail Color in 659 Taupeward

I got these last week so I really haven't tested them for wear. I just wanted to put out the swatches and let you know that they're available. Taupeward disappointed me somewhat because it's sheer and reminded me of the Chanel Le Vernis in Trapeze (367). They're similar enough that if you wanted to see how you would feel about shelling out twenty something for a bottle of Trapeze, I would recommend grabbing Taupeward first. Taupeward is more bronzy and Trapeze has a silvery metallic finish but both are sheer formulas. I had hoped that Taupeward would be opaque but I haven't had much luck with Maybelline as far as opaques go.

From left: Chanel Le Vernis in Trapeze and Maybelline Nail Color in Taupeward

In the end, I like the color though. Being sheer, it goes with anything. Mistakes won't be very obvious and I could literally finish my manicure in 10 minutes. I might keep this handy on my desk for emergencies.

Maybelline Nail Color in 670 Beige Glace

Beige Glace is something of a blush color. It reminds me of Essie Lion Around but it's not as pretty because the finish is more flat and the color itself is a tad peachy compared to Lion Around. Before you regard that statement as me not liking Beige Glace, let me qualify that Beige Glace comes in a quick dry formula that's easy to use for on the go manicures and Maybelline Nail Color is cheaper than Essie. I do like the color and because it dries in 50 seconds, just as the brand claims, I'm actually more likely to reach for Beige Glace than Lion Around now that I have it. I just find Essie polishes hard to apply.

From bottom: Taupeward, Beige Glace, Beige Glace with Taupeward as top coat

Now think of the possibilities. With Taupeward being so sheer, it could double as a topcoat. I tried one coat of Beige Glace with one coat of Taupeward on top. Doesn't look too bad, does it?

Ulta had one other much darker color on the display where I got this. One very wine/espresso-looking shade called On The Rum and another shade was out of stock but I gather that it's dark as well and it's called Autumn Leaves.

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