Friday, July 29, 2011

Laura Mercier Lustre Eye Colour in African Violet and Bamboo

I mentioned yesterday the injuries sustained by two pans of my favorite Laura Mercier eyeshadows from a 4 foot fall. To a certain degree, I'm glad that only 2 of the 6 pans were damaged. But still, I'm not happy to have cracked eyeshadows :(

My injured lovelies from left: African Violet, Bamboo

These two are special to me. Bamboo was probably one of the first colors I ever bought. That purchase was the result a massively impressive makeover I had with a Laura Mercier National Artist. African Violet is one I reserve for special occasions. While both pans have product remaining in them, and probably enough product so that I do not have to purchase a replacement anytime soon, I worry about putting them back into the customizable palette. I just don't want to risk a big mess in case they break any further so I've returned them to their original cases.

African Violet

I thought I'd swatch them for you today, just to show how pretty they are! African Violet is a complex copper-infused violet. It's iridescent and lustrous. I've found that it combines really well with brown shades of much depth. I've used it with the Chocolate eyeshadow that I reviewed yesterday. Just stellar! Frankly though, quite hard to photograph accurately. Something about the way the copper reflects light. This is a color you must see in person.


Bamboo is a kind of golden brown that can be applied sheerly for just that hint of shadow. It's less gold, and more brown but I've found that it layers very nicely with gold-toned cream shadows to create definition without dulling goldness. I want to call it something of a neutral gold. It's neither reddish, nor yellowish and it's not taupe either. Just golden and brown.

From left: African Violet, Bamboo

I do use colors like these two a lot that I don't mind owning them in several incarnations. However, these two by Laura Mercier are the ones I reach for most often. I remember the very first time I ever bought MAC eyeshadow, I ended up buying 2 colors that are similar to African Violet and Bamboo. They're not the same but they're in the same color family. I wasn't conscious about duplication in my collection at the time. I simply looked over the shades and picked out ones that I thought would be useful. 2 of the 4 shades I bought on that first outing were Trax and Satin Taupe, which I've also swatched for you today.

From left: Trax, African Violet, Bamboo, Satin Taupe

Comparing the two MAC shadows with African Violet and Bamboo, you may notice how much stronger the copper tones in African Violet are. They really give the shade an iridescent finish, as opposed to the more subtle copper glitter in Trax, which in the photograph, you can barely see. Trax is heavier on the violet and still lovely, but I find African Violet much easier to use because it is not as pigment-heavy on initial application. Something about building the color a little more slowly appeals to me. Bamboo, on the other hand, is much lighter than Satin Taupe, which from the name you can surmise is more of a taupe. Bamboo has the gold tones, Satin Taupe has the grey tones. I don't see why they can't be used interchangeably on certain occasions but they truly are different from each other.

I know there are ways to fix broken eyeshadows and I've done that myself on 1-inch round pans of eyeshadow from various brands. I find though that the texture sometimes changes when you attempt to add a liquid to the powder and consequently allow it to evaporate. I'll just leave the lovelies as they are until they're used up and then purchase a replacement if necessary.

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