Monday, July 4, 2011

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Swatches (inspired by the upcoming Classic Chic Colour Collection Palette)

I thought I'd swatch a few Laura Mercier eyeshadows for you today. I'm trying to approximate the palette included in the Classic Chic Colour Collection that Nordstrom is putting out for the Anniversary Sale this year. I've confirmed that the shades included in the 4-pan palette are buff, guava, sable and black smoke. I don't have pictures because as a rule on my blog, I do not ever post pictures that I did not take myself. As the collection hasn't been released, I just don't have any product to photograph.

The collection is sold as a set for $75 and includes not only the eyeshadow palette but a double-ended ponytail/smudge brush, a mini cheek color brush, the cheek color Plum Radiance which I reviewed last Sunday, a Lip Glace in the shade Raspberry, a Full Blown Lash Building Mascara and Mini Foundation Primer.

I think it's a good value with a color selection that's bound to please a crowd. If the Chanel Quad in Prelude is any indication of trends, I'd say a palette of neutral eyeshadows is right on the mark. This one includes the loveliest peach eyeshadow I have ever owned. I would get it except I already have most of these items. It would be such a redundancy in my stash and I would wager that my approximation of the palette would be pretty close. Here goes!

Laura Mercier eyeshadows (from left) in Beige, Guava, Sable and Sandstorm

Same swatches, no sun, just flash (from left): Beige, Guava, Sable, Sandstorm

I wanted to show you swatches of the eyeshadow colors Beige (matte), Guava (sateen), Sable (sateen) and Sandstorm (matte). Beige and Sandstorm are colors from an older Laura Mercier "toolbox" and they're my approximations for the colors Buff and Black Smoke which I don't have. Guava and Sable can be purchased as single eyeshadows from the regular Laura Mercier line. Black Smoke is a discontinued shade. I don't know for sure if it was permanently deleted from the regular matte colors or just renamed but I never saw it again since the eyeshadows were repackaged to fit in customizable palettes.

My well-utilized Laura Mercier Sateen Eye Color in Guava

Guava is described as a peach stucco and Sable is pegged as a cool grey taupe. Buff appears beige to me and Black Smoke seems to be something of a matte charcoal color. This is an excellent set of colors to wear everyday. For this palette alone, I was very tempted to buy the collection. But if you don't want to buy a whole array of makeup and just want single eyeshadows, I have a few recommendations.

I'd do a neutral lid wash like Buttercream or Vanilla Nuts (which would also be similar to Beige, I think. Or you can skip the lid wash and get a highlighter like Stellar (champagne with silver shimmer) or something with a hint of pink like Morning Dew. Get a dark matte for smokier looks. Since Black Smoke is no longer available individually, Black Plum, Noir, Deep Night or Twilight Grey will work depending on which side of black you want to be at. Sable is a good taupe you can try or Topaz if you want a little shimmer with flecks of pink and bronze. Round up with Guava for a hint of sweet peach color.

If you're contemplating getting the collection and you have some time, get a makeover from an artist to go with it. You might just learn something you'll love for a very long time.

UPDATE 7/10/2011: I finally got a chance to swatch the 4-pan palette in person and my approximations seem about right. The swatches of the four colors that I picked in this post look pretty much the same as the swatches I made of the palette in the store. Success!

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