Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chanel Eau Douceur Cleansing Water (Balance+Anti-Pollution, Face and Eyes)

I wanted to get some word out on the Chanel Eau Douceur Cleansing Water as I know there's little information available on it at this time. Nordstrom has this product available in the US for a limited time as part of the Anniversary Sale.

Chanel Eau Douceur Cleansing Water

I'm not entirely clear if this is meant to be a makeup remover/toner in one but it's not a facial cleanser in the traditional sense. The product pumps out clear, much like water. The instructions say to apply on dry skin with a cotton pad. You do not need to rinse. After use, the skin is ready for your favorite skincare product, which I take to mean moisturizer. It was demonstrated to me as a makeup remover. It works well for most powders and eyeshadows but it does not remove waterproof eyeliner or mascara completely. With some rubbing, you could get an eyeliner swatch off your arm/hand but you obviously wouldn't want to do that with your eyes.

I use at least one other product from the Balance+Anti-Pollution line, that is the cleanser. I use it exclusively with my Clarisonic Mia with which it works well. Honestly, I don't see the Cleansing Water as an essential next step. Certainly not as a toner although I imagine that it will work well as such. What I do use this for is quick makeup removal, in place of makeup remover wipes. I remove my eye makeup first with Lancome Bi-Facil and then I saturate a cotton pad with the Chanel Cleansing Water and remove the rest of my makeup. It's different from other makeup removers I use simply because it's like water. It's not a milky cream like the Chanel Cleansing Milk or Lancome's Comforting Milky Cream Cleanser so it really feels more like a toner. But it's not drying in the least and yet it does not leave that sticky film that the other cleansers do. It doesn't make my face burn like pretty much all Clinique toners do, while offering the same cleansing properties as the milky cleansers. It is also highly different from the Evian spray marketed as a toner but which feels more like merely spraying water on my face (uh wait, that is spraying water on my face.)

The Chanel Cleansing Water is highly scented but the scent doesn't bother me in the least. It leaves a refreshing feeling on the face with no sticky residue. Yes, it cleans. No, it does not remove all makeup. Would I buy it again? Probably not. Do I regret the purchase? Not really. It's something new and I like it but at the end of the day, I don't have all that cash burning a hole in my pocket that I could stock up on it. I mean, it's cool but it's not that great.

UPDATE 3/12/12: Through the winter, I've found this Cleansing Water to be useful as a morning cleanser to remove excess oil from the face without stripping it or having to rinse. It's also worked out for me as a quick cleanser at other times of the day when I simply do not have time to use a rinse-off cleanser. It's done an acceptable job of keeping my face clean although I still recommend having a makeup remover wipe on hand if you are trying to remove makeup. This can be used after.

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