Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zoya Marley Nail Polish

I've had a chance to swatch three shades of nail polish from the Zoya Intimate Collection and I picked out my favorite from the bunch. Let me show you the bottles of the ones I have.

From left: Dove, Marley and Caitlin

The one I picked to wear first is Marley because of the three, I think it's most complementary to my skintone and it's the least adventurous of the bunch :) I'd wear grey and indigo polish but I'm still conservative in general and I think the lavender of Marley works with my personality better. That said, all three colors apply rather well and get reasonably opaque in two coats.

Marley with flash

Mayley in Natural Light

I'm fairly new to the world of Zoya, having only recently tried a few shades. But I'm really impressed at the quality and longevity of the polish. Application is always a breeze and if you go on their website, they describe not just the colors but the degree of sheerness or opacity, which I really appreciate. When I buy Essie, I feel like I never know if I'm getting a sheer color or an opaque one. Zoya solved that issue by providing the information readily.

In the next few days I'll show you the Dove and Caitlin swatches on my nails. For now, take care and enjoy!

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  1. I've been really into these pale nail shades lately. Also tried dove gray for the first time (some drugstore brand I got in Paris) and I really like it!