Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zoya Dove and Caitlin Nail Polish

I've shown you Marley, from the Zoya Intimate Collection. I ordered a bunch of items from the brand and with the purchase, received the other two bottles of nail polish from the collection for free. The promotion, I believe, was to introduce people to their "french twist" which uses the colors Dove and Caitlin on an updated French Manicure. Caitlin is used as the base, Dove for the tips. Probably not a look I'll be wearing anytime soon but the colors, separately, are actually rather nice.

Zoya Caitlin

Caitlin is a pretty, somewhat greyed down blue violet to me. Dove is a pale grey. Formula-wise, I think that they are on the thin side, but it works nicely, especially for the Dove shade. Don't get me wrong. They're not sheer. They render opaque in two coats. They dry down pale enough that they don't scream for attention when you have them on, even in less unassuming colors like blue violet and grey. Dove actually looks really clean on. Intimate. It's a good name for the collection.

Zoya Dove

I am thinking that instead of doing the "French Twist" on my nails, I'll just use Dove for my manicure and Caitlin for my next pedicure.

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