Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NARS Orgasm Nail Polish

I'd been messing around with a bottle of NARS Orgasm Nail Polish. I bought it thinking that peachy pink nails with a golden sheen would be very cool for summer.

I wore it for a couple of days and felt that it was a little orange for my taste. It wasn't the easiest polish to apply either. It's a lot sheerer than I expected and the color doesn't coat the nail as evenly as I'd like. However, with a few extra passes on the sides, I think it came out ok.

NARS Orgasm Nail Polish

If you look at the color in the bottle, it rings peach and in certain lighting, the golden shimmer really comes out. On the nail, they mix together and gives the shade an orange vibe which intensifies the more coats you put on.

It's rare that I layer different colors of polish together and I find that I'm more tempted to do that with metallics and shades that I'm unlikely to wear in general. While Orgasm is more wearable to me than a metallic teal or a dark blue polish, I wanted to experiment with using it as a base color for light shades. See where that took me!

From top: Dear Diary, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Orgasm,  Lion Around

The first attempt was with Sephora By OPI's Dear Diary which I'd never worn and which I got for free. It's a light pink with a cream finish and it's a little sheer. I layered one coat of Orgasm, then one coat of Dear Diary to get the swatch above.

Next I tried it with OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy and I found a quick favorite. NARS Orgasm makes the shade peachier. In the top 5 last Sunday, I showed a picture of me wearing the combination (see here) with one coat of Orgasm at the bottom and two coats of OPI on top. I think it should work with any light nail polish in that color family.

The last one I tried it with was Essie's Lion Around which is probably too opaque to benefit from layering. Lion Around looks great on its own (see here). I really didn't need to attempt layering it.

I don't have any previous experience with NARS nail polish so getting this was a first for me in a lot of ways. The bottle has a square cap which was a little uncomfortable for me to use. Unlike Chanel or Butter, the square cap doesn't come off to reveal a smaller round one. It's all there is. The shade is a sheer metallic bright, which is something I would rarely pick up. I don't think I have any other shade in my collection like that. While I'd keep this polish, it's not something I would reach for often and I probably wouldn't buy it again. However, the experience was positive enough that I wouldn't discount getting another NARS nail polish in the future.


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