Saturday, June 4, 2011

Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15: Bamboo Pink and Stellar Plum

My Clinique order finally arrived yesterday. It included the GWP with the cute little keychain and mini glosses. Clinique gift time means a whole slew of products to try out but I thought I'd swatch the glosses for you now, just because I've already reviewed something from this line of lip glosses before (review for Guavagold here).

The keychain has two loops that you can attach these two mini lip glosses to. The shades are Bamboo Pink and Stellar Plum. Bamboo Pink is more of a pale pink beige with shimmer and Stellar Plum is a kind of brown plum also with shimmer. I was curious as to how similar the Bamboo Pink gloss might be to the Bamboo Pink lipstick which ironically, I was about to throw out. Don't get me wrong. It's a perfectly nice frosted brownish pink shade but I've had it for years and it doesn't get much use. I guess it's kind of good that it's still here so I can swatch it next to the gloss.

Left: Bamboo Pink, Right: Stellar Plum
From left: Bamboo Pink Lipstick, Bamboo Pink Gloss, Stellar Plum Gloss

The Bamboo Pink lipstick looks nothing like the Bamboo Pink gloss. But it looks really nice on top of the lipstick. It lightens and brightens the color a little and diffuses some of the frost. If you notice that the swatch is a little uneven in color, darker at the top and progressively lighter as it moves down, it's not your imagination. I guess the pigments aren't distributed very evenly. But it's not a big deal when applied.

Bamboo Pink Lipstick with Bamboo Pink Gloss (Flash Photo)

Both Bamboo Pink and Stellar Plum are very wearable although if I had to wear it alone, I think I like the Stellar Plum shade better because it has more color. Both stay true to the long last glosswear formula and the little keychain makes it handy to carry around.

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