Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

It doesn't matter that June just rolled around. It's definitely feeling like summer here. For me, that also means my skincare regimen gets a little tweaking. It means I can finally bring out cleansers that I save for warm and humid months and switch to lightweight moisturizers.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Clarins makes the Gentle Foaming Cleanser which I've been using lately. Designed for normal to combination skin, I'd say it's more of a moderate, as opposed to a mild cleanser, not nearly as drying as some I've tried but also not moisturizing. It does clean very well. In fact, the smell almost reminded me of laundry detergent (it really does!) which made me wonder if it would be too harsh for use on the face. But that impression is all psychological. With use, I've found it to be effective at removing excess oil and trace makeup. This is definitely spot on for summer use.

This is a highly foaming cleanser so a pea-sized amount is enough for the entire face and neck. It rinses off easily and leaves my face feeling fresh. Instructions say to use on damp skin and to rinse with cool water in the morning and warm water in the evening. Personally, I don't bother switching temperatures and it seems fine.

At $20, for 4.4 oz of product, I think it's on the moderate end of the price spectrum, a decent value in the department store world where $40-45 a pop for cleanser isn't surprising anymore.

As far as active ingredients go, I'd list them for you but I cannot offer much by way of explanation. You could hit up your dermatologist for that. I can't say if it lives up to all the claims about what these ingredients can do for you. There's just no way for me to measure that in a home setting. At this point, I'd say it cleans well, it lathers nicely and rinses away completely. It doesn't break me out and it's not ridiculously expensive. For summer facial care, this is worth a second glance.

Active Ingredients: Katafray Bark Extract, Tamarind Fruit Acid, Shea Butter, Gypsophila Extract and South African Polymnia.

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