Friday, June 24, 2011

Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude

Could I resist the 2011 Fall Makeup from Chanel? Absolutely not. Free shipping? Ok. So I went and ordered 2 items to satisfy my curiosity. First up, the new quad in Prelude, which features a series of taupes and beiges. This is the quad I've been waiting for. If you know me, the beige-taupe combo is my ultimate go-to shade pairing. While perhaps not the most exciting combination of shades to look at in the pan, I predict that this is going to be the most used up Chanel quad in my collection.

Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude

It's a practical set of colors. It will work even in the most conservative office environment. I don't know how intense one can make this look, like if you were to head out for an evening date. But it does have at least one pretty dark color that you can use to create some smokier looks. As described in the fall catalog, the shades are taupe, beige, taupe rose, and plum charcoal. While it doesn't escape me that the quads have gone up in price quite steadily, for Chanel eyeshadows, these still represent the best value, as opposed to singles or duos. At the same time, my thinking is that if I'm going to spend a good bit of money on something, it better be something useful. A beige-taupe quad is kind of a no-brainer. Always useful.


I do not believe that Prelude is a limited edition quad and although it's being released for fall, I'd say this could easily become a favorite simply because it's such a foolproof combination of basic colors. They do have the lightest shimmer which prevents the colors from looking flat on the eye. You could layer these quite nicely with other favorite colors and the quad will work in pretty much every scenario. The lighter shades apply a bit on the sheer side but the darkest shade is well-pigmented. You could use them wet too, if you desire heavier color.

Prelude Swatches
Chanel Prelude Quad in Sunlight
Prelude Quad in Natural Light
Color-wise, I feel that Prelude is quite a departure from last fall's Enigma quad which was deep, dark and smoky. I am thinking of using them together though. They might balance each other out nicely for a larger number of daytime and evening looks.

Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Enigma (left, fall 2010) and Prelude (right, fall 2011)

Quality-wise, the quad I have is the US release with the semi-square pans and they are not baked. I've always liked the texture of the non-baked ones so much better than the baked shadows. They're not as powdery and the color is easy to blend. I honestly don't have any creasing problems with these, even without primer. The colors do fade a little as the day wears on. With primer, all issues are solved.

Prelude Quad in Sunlight

For my initial use, I paired it with the Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow in Mirifique which I used as a liner. The only products I used here are the quad, Mirifique and Inimitable mascara in Noir. On a regular day, I would probably prefer to tightline with cake eyeliner and add more mascara but I was testing Mirifique as well.

I'm pretty happy with this quad and I'm planning to leave it on my vanity for the rest of the year.

Pouch that my order arrived in


  1. Thank you for swatches :)
    I was thinking of getting the quad, but now I'm not 100% sold on it. It seems too natural looking