Monday, June 20, 2011

Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Corail

There's nothing like the threat of being discontinued to make me appreciate a product more. I find myself digging for soon to be unavailable items from my drawers more frequently these days. For some items, it's no loss but for others, it's a real shame.

Chanel Blush in Tweed Corail

Browsing thru over the weekend (and ogling the fall makeup collection that just came out), I decided to take a peek at the Deja Vu section. This is where you find items that are being discontinued. I was completely aghast to see Les Tissages De Chanel in Tweed Corail on the roster.

I love the tweeds. I have two of them and I actually only recently bought Tweed Corail so I'm really saddened by the idea that this won't be around forever. I wanted a new coral blush for the summer and chose hard between the Joues Contraste in Espiegle, In Love and Tweed Corail. I considered Tweed Sienna as well but I found Tweed Corail to be most complementary to my current state of tanlessness (is that word?). Although as a general rule, I would prefer to get newer items over older ones, this was one of those instances where one just looked way better than the other on me and so I bought the older one.

Tweed Corail

If you stare at a brand new pan, you'll find the tweed pattern intoxicating. You'll see the different tones that blend together to create color on your cheeks. Tweed Corail is a bright and light coral that livens up the face. Applied with a light hand, it's almost demure, with a hint of pink. The basic color in this case is coral, with a luminescent peachy pink interspersed, and all over the surface of the new pan, the golden glittery overspray. The tiny specks of glitter in Tweed Corail vanishes in a few uses so it's not anything to worry about. The texture is really smooth. You never get uneven patches. The tweeds are also nicely buildable yet they last all day.

Swatches from left: Tweed Rose, Tweed Corail

If you've owned one of these for awhile and use it a lot, you'll notice that when you've used up about half of the pan, the tweed pattern disappears. This is, after all, a blush duo. In the case of Tweed Corail, you get one side that's coral and another side that's a light peachy pink. Both sides are sheer, with the most subtle shimmer. But even with the tweed gone, it will apply the color as it always does (although I would have loved to see the tweed pattern all the way to the bottom of the pan). In the swatches above and below, I used a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator and layered the color on heavily. The difference between the two is subtle when swatched side by side like this but they are very different when on. Both photos are clickable for a slightly larger view but the bottom photo is slightly bigger.

Swatches from left: Tweed Rose, Tweed Corail

When I bought Tweed Rose, I chose carefully between that and the Joues Contraste in Rose Petale. I think they're very close and I'm not worried if they decide to discontinue it. Tweed Sienna is similar to another Joues Contraste as well (In Love, I think). However, Tweed Corail doesn't look like the other corals that Chanel has in its regular collection. My hope is, if this is being discontinued, they'll be out with a loveable new coral at some point in the near future.

Tweed Corail in Natural Light

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