Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bare Escentuals Hydrating Mineral Veil

I've been trying to go through samples that have accumulated on my vanity for trial. As the weather has warmed up, I figured I'd give mineral makeup another go and used my sample of Bare Escentuals Hydrating Mineral Veil.

The product can be worn over a bare face or over makeup, presumably as a finishing powder. The formula is supposed to be translucent and give you an airbrushed finish while hydrating your skin and absorbing oil. For a tub of what appears to be mainly silica powder, I felt like this was a lot to expect. Truthfully, I don't think it worked for me.

The powder is very fine and light. When you look at it, there seems to be a slight tinge of pink but this is not a bad thing, especially if you have a neutral to pink undertone. As I'm rather fair, it does seem translucent on my skin. I would imagine that darker skin tones might end up with a degree of pallor though.

Upon initial application, it seems to blend out nicely. On bare skin, I find that it looks better when I've somewhat OD'd on moisturizer. Without layers of moisturizer on, it clings to nothing and has no effect on the appearance whatsoever except for a mild almost iridescent reflection in certain lighting. Perhaps this was meant to reduce the look of fine lines and pores but I don't know if it achieves that effect. I don't find it particularly flattering, just strange. That said, when used over liquid foundation, I find that it's not as translucent as I'd hoped. It also needs to be buffed down very well or it leaves dry patches.

Ah, the dry patches. For a product with the word "hydrating" in the name, this seems to achieve quite the opposite effect on me. It desperately dries me out and after a few hours, I feel my face becoming itchy. It doesn't feel like a big "I'm highly allergic to this product" kind of itchy but more of, my face has been drained of moisture kind of itchy. Maybe in humid weather, something like this would be useful. But for me, it's just very uncomfortable to have on.

I will admit, the mineral makeup finish is not my favorite and I'm not big on powder foundation but I use Laura Mercier mineral makeup intermittently and none of it makes me itchy. I use silica-based products to set foundation and I don't usually have any problems either. I think that the Bare Escentuals Hydrating Mineral Veil looks ok when I put it on but I'm highly uncomfortable in it after a few hours so it's not something I'm inclined to buy. I haven't had any breakouts from it but I try to be cautious by removing makeup immediately if I sense any discomfort. Perhaps if I wore it constantly, the effect won't be good. I just won't go there. Not even for the sake of the blog.

Sadly, this doesn't leave me expecting much out of the other BE sample tub I've gotten. This time, of the Multi-Tasker for Eyes in Well-Rested. But as I feel that I haven't used it enough to form a solid opinion, I'll hold off on the review until perhaps later in the week.

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