Friday, May 6, 2011

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in Romantic Cool

Let me show you the last two Rimmel products I'd been using lately. First, the eyeshadow quad in Romantic Cool.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in Romantic Cool

The colors are very attractive in the pan and it says in the back that it complements green eyes. I think that these pastel shades should work nicely for spring looks, no matter what your eye color is. However, these do apply rather lightly. Even with primer, I felt that the colors needed more vibrancy and I was especially disappointed in the lavender because it was very pale once I had it on. When used together, all that I clearly see is the brown.

At the risk of muddying up the already 4 colors I had on my lids, I supplemented the quad with the Rimmel Glam'Eyes mono eyeshadow in Royal Violet.

I basically used Royal Violet in place of the pale lavender in the quad and it showed up better. For some reason, the single seems to be of slightly better pigmentation than the quad. The color appears brighter although it doesn't always apply very evenly.

If you're interested in Royal Violet, some merchants will still carry it although it will be harder to find because they've already released a new batch of these mono eyeshadows and there isn't a new violet or lavender shade. They have a plum, which isn't close but should work with the Romantic Cool quad as well.

I've mentioned that since Rimmel's eyeshadows were repackaged, it appears that they've switched manufacturing to China. This disappoints me but at the same time, the new eyeshadows seem slightly better pigmented than the old ones that were made in England. So I'm not sure what to think now. Overall, they take some work to use and definitely require primer to look their best. If you just want to play around with color and are on a budget, they're worth considering. I think that the trio in Orion was better, in general, than the quad, since only the brown shade stood out and the pale colors just weren't distinguishable enough from each other once on the lid.

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