Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Pressed Powder

If you've ever wondered about the Maybelline Fit Me line, here's one review you might be interested in reading.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

A few months ago, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to purchase what was then the brand new Fit Me foundation of Maybelline. Coupons usually required the purchase of two products from the line so I ended up with both the foundation and the pressed powder.

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder

The premise behind the line is that with the wide range of colors available, you should be able to find your "fit" easily. At the same time, they have a system to make selecting a coordinating concealer, powder and blush easy. The shades are number-coded by color (although they do have non-numeric names as well). My "fit" looked to be shade 120 so I got the liquid foundation and the pressed powder in that number. The corresponding shade name is Classic Ivory.

The bottle does not have a pump so be prepared to pour out the liquid. This is one of my least favorite methods to dispense liquid foundation. I also feel like the bottle is made of glass. If it's not glass, I don't know what it is but it seems breakable, which makes me wary.

The foundation is meant to be light, to allow the skin to breathe. The coverage is also designed to be sheer, to lend the skin a natural appearance. With Maybelline, I've found that their liquid makeup tends to oxidize into some form of pink on me. Although the Fit Me line seemed promising, and the color I selected looked nice and yellow in the bottle, it did oxidize somewhat pink. Not too bad though. Acceptable in my case, with my dual undertone.

The coverage is indeed meager. It almost feels like a tinted moisturizer. It looks nice on application, especially if you find a good match. However, the lasting power is poor on its own. 2 hours tops. Used with a good primer, you can make it last longer, but I'd suggest the use of a really good setting and touch up powder too. I've been able to extend it to 6 hours on a cool day spent mostly indoors with airconditioning on. But when it starts to melt, you look at your face and you can literally see the spots where the foundation has faded off. Not cute.

The pressed powder comes in a simple black case with a clear window in front to show you the color of the powder. It has a puff and a mirror when you lift up the top layer that has the pan. It's all pretty standard looking and sturdy enough to keep in the purse for touch ups throughout the day, at least in my experience.

What I didn't appreciate too much about the powder was the pure lack of coverage. I understand that it's just a pressed powder and that the entire line is supposed to look natural but I was hoping that because the liquid foundation was so sheer, the powder would enhance coverage. But the powder has virtually no coverage and if anything is merely a blotter that you can use throughout the day. At least it hasn't caked up on me but I don't appreciate having to touch up an insane number of times to keep the shine at bay. At this point, maybe a mattifying lotion will help too.

Personally, I'd reserve the set for days when I need minimal coverage and I know I won't be out for very long. I would definitely skip it on hot and humid days. If you need something heavy duty, pass on it entirely.

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