Friday, May 27, 2011

MAC Fashionflower Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl

This limited edition MAC beauty powder debossed with pretty daisies comes in two shades: Light Sunshine and Alpha Girl. Upon the suggestion of a trusted sales associate, I decided to go with Alpha Girl.

MAC Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl

Alpha Girl presents itself as a sunny coral shade. Given the nature of these powders (very sheer), the associate told me that Light Sunshine would only work if I wanted a highlighter. After trying them both out, I agreed with her completely.

I have to admit, I bought the beauty powder because I fell in love with the flowers on it. But despite the extreme sheerness of it, I do not regret the purchase. I have naturally pink cheeks and if anything, I'd say I prefer sheer blushes over highly pigmented ones. I was told that the beauty powders can be used all over the face but due to the nature of the two shades, I feel like these are meant more for the cheeks. The color will not intensify much, no matter how much you pile on so it's impossible to overdo. (Reapply with abandon if you will.) On some skintones, it may not even show up at all. I'm reasonably fair and it does show up on me. I also find that it works nicely on top of a sheer cream cheek color in a similar shade. Kind of like a setting powder. I follow the method of application that a Chanel associate taught me when I purchased the Moisturizing and Bronzing Powder in Bronze Rose. This involves patting a few times on the apples (or higher up on the cheekbone) before sweeping the color up and out. The patting motion helps the color show up better.

MAC Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl

I feel bad that Alpha Girl has been slammed for lack of pigmentation but I walked into the purchase knowing that I was getting a sheer product. For my purposes, it works. I also love looking at the floral design on the pan. But if you want something better and brighter, I would recommend Benefit CORALista which I reviewed earlier in the week.

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