Thursday, May 19, 2011

L'oreal Nail Polish in Ragin' Cajun and Fleur De Lis

If you follow my blog by email, you may have received this post last Thursday. The post has not been restored and neither has any other content that was deleted during the Blogger predicament last week. I am reposting this for the sake of record.

330 Fleur De Lis

Perusing Target half-price bins, I found a few L'Oreal nail polishes on sale and decided to pick up two colors.

420 Ragin' Cajun

Ragin' Cajun looked to me like a good solid red orange number for summer and it applies reasonably opaque. It seems a lot more neon when I wear it on my hands, but in pictures, I guess it's not as glaring as I originally thought. Personally, I might leave this one for the toes.

L'Oreal 420 Ragin' Cajun

Fleur De Lis is a semi-sheer, frosted lilac pink. I'm going through a phase where I prefer a cream finish over frost but because of the sheerness, this was actually easier to apply. Mistakes are less obvious. You will notice a slight streakiness, which is common in frosted metallics, but this dries down rather well and it's not so obvious.

L'Oreal 330 Fleur De Lis

L'Oreal nail polishes are generally long-lasting. They stay chip-free for days. I find that the smell is a bit strong although these are supposedly formaldehyde and toulene-free. For budget color, it's worth a go.

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