Sunday, May 8, 2011

Guerlain Lip Pencil in Cupidon

I was curious about this controversial lip pencil by Guerlain. Cupidon is a shimmery light beige lip pencil that I've been told, is properly used to enhance the cupid's bow. I tried it and it works!

Guerlain Lip Pencil in 00 Cupidon

The pencil itself has a creamy formula that applies effortlessly. At one end is the pencil and at the other end is a lip brush. It's also packaged with its own sharpener.

When I use Cupidon, just around the lip and not actually on it, the effect is that the lips become outlined, but not in the "I'm wearing lip liner" kind of way. It may be going overboard to outline the entire lip and as my lips are full and defined, I rarely reach for this. But for instances where the definition needs to be clear, such as when wearing bold colors, it's nice to have it around. It also serves as a bit of an anti-feathering device, if you will.

Admittedly, I don't think that Cupidon is for everyone. I think thin lips or lips that need a more defined shape, especially a more defined cupid's bow, will benefit from using it. I've seen people use it all over the lips, like lipstick, but I'm not sure I'm one to pull that off. Here's the swatch, so you know how light it is.

A few items to compare it to: Chanel makes a beige lip definer but it's not shimmery like Cupidon. It's just beige. Laura Mercier makes the Flawless Fix Pencil, which I'm not sure if they still manufacture, but that's a skin-tone pencil that you can use anywhere on your face like a dot of concealer. They also have a clear lip pencil, which I've been told is an anti-feathering liner. You line your lips with it and it keeps all the color in. I've never tried it but I imagine that you can use Cupidon for a similar purpose. It's not clear so it will give you a kind of highlight effect with the light shimmer. You can just blend it in to make it more subtle.

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