Monday, May 23, 2011

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Morning Rose

Chanel Le Vernis in Morning Rose

For summer, Chanel released 3 nail colors. The yellow (Mimosa) didn't appeal to me in the least and the beige (Beige Petale) one was ultra-sheer and felt too ordinary. It just wasn't a color that I needed. I liked the shimmering gold specks in Morning Rose and thought it was worth a try.

Bottle in sunlight

It's really nice to look at it in the bottle. A kind of muted peach pink with a sprinkling of gold. But I feel that the translation lacks a little. That is, it doesn't look as good on my nails as I had hoped. For the most part, Morning Rose is sheer. Like on a scale of 1 to 10 in sheerness, It's probably a 5.

Flash Photo Morning Rose

To get it to this level of opacity took 3 coats. It's acceptable but not what I'm accustomed to. I was also looking to really see the gold shimmer more. It isn't very obvious, no matter what angle I'm looking at it from and it disappoints me. That said, this color is easy to apply. It goes on smoothly despite the shimmer bits (which have a little grit but is still generally smooth). If it rendered more opaque, I would have been thrilled.

Not to confuse you or anything but this color appears peachier in sunlight. In indoor lighting and with flash, it renders more pink. The base color is true to the bottle. It's just the gold shimmer that doesn't pull as well. Overall, Morning Rose is very wearable. A kind of demure, all occasion color that will likely appeal to the majority.

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