Saturday, May 7, 2011

A bunch of sheer pink lipcolors

I was going through a pile of lipsticks and thought I'd show you a few sheer pinks that I found in my stash. I did a quick swatch comparing them to the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy, just to have a reference point.

From left: Neutrogena Spring Blossom, Clinique Pink Charm, Chanel Boy

The first shade on the left is the Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Sheer in Spring Blossom. I think I won one of these in a magazine contest. I don't remember if it was this shade or another that I've given away. I do like this line and am sorry to see it replaced but it is very sheer. I had to do a few coats to get the swatch done.

Spring Blossom

The second shade is Clinique's Moisture Sheer Lipstick in Pink Charm. I think that this was one of those "pink ribbon" products so limited edition. I got mine at a CCO. It's packaged similar to the Neutrogena Lip Sheer above and the color is a little warmer but you could use them interchangeably. It just depends on which texture you prefer. I like Neutrogena's texture better and find that Clinique's applies less evenly. I try to pile it on because I want the pink to show but they're definitely very sheer and don't last very long on.

Pink Charm

I also wanted to show a CoverGirl lipstick from the old Continuous Color line. This one's called Smokey Rose. It's a misnomer really. There's nothing smoky about it and I wouldn't even call this a rose. On me, it's a very odd pink shade that I think is much too light and cool, even leans lilac. It's not the most flattering pink for my skin tone but someone really fair and cool-toned may be able to pull it off.

Smokey Rose

The swatch I made on my arm looks really good but I don't understand why it looks nothing like it when on. After I'd taken the picture and I tried to wipe it off, I was left with a stain that didn't come off with makeup remover and multiple washings. It finally did come off after I'd showered and scrubbed it hard with a pouf. So I'd say it's definitely long-lasting.

Smokey Rose

I don't use these that much because I always find something that I like better. But in case anyone's interested in a swatch, at least I've put it out for viewing.

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