Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Benefit CORALista

With my last purchase, I was able to receive a deluxe sample of one of Benefit's boxed powders. The deluxe sample of CORALista is in a tiny square pan with .1 oz. of product, housed in a cute plastic case with the cover mimicking the look of the original CORALista box.

As you probably can surmise from the name, the color of the powder is coral. It's a very pretty coral, I might add. It applies smoothly and is nicely pigmented. I feel that with this one, they really got the pigmentation right. It's not at all sheer but it's not so pigmented that I get clown-face with one dip of the brush. It also has a touch of shimmer. It's not overwhelming but adds a luminous dimension to the look.

Benefit CORALista deluxe sample

The color definitely gives the face an overall brightening effect. I apply it lightly on the tops of cheekbones and I feel an instant lift from that dose of color. Those who love a good coral likely already have this in their collection. If you don't, and you're looking for a reasonably-priced coral, this is one to consider.

Benefit CORALista swatch

I got the Powderazzi set a couple of years ago. It had a small pan of Hoola, Dallas and CORALista. That's where I first got to try this shade. I liked it and I wanted this deluxe sample because it makes for a nice travel-sized version of an otherwise bulky box. I've heard that since the release of Bella Bamba, the older boxed powders have been repackaged but I haven't confirmed this. The last one I bought, Sugarbomb, still has the removable lid and no mirror.

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