Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top 5

I can't believe it's Sunday again. It's been so busy this week that I barely had time to catch up with the daily reviews. Anyway, here are some things that I'd been using lately that have proven to be really nice.

1. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bel Ami - These new lipsticks are now available at your nearest Chanel counter and I am totally loving the shades. If budget was not an issue, it would be so easy to buy each and every one. My current favorite is Bel Ami, which while seemingly dark in the tube is really a wearable plum brown. The formula is moisturizing and the shades are sheer so I've been inspired to pick out a couple of darker/brighter colors than my usual pink or nude. I previously reviewed Boy but I'll be doing swatches of the other colors in the near future.

2. Laura Mercier Tightline Trio Cake Eyeliner Palette - I've been using the shade Gunmetal Smoke (first from left) a lot. It's a really wonderful kind of dark grey that does the job of black eyeliner without being harsh. The formula is still pretty good although it's changed from what the old cake eyeliners used to be. I wish they sold this shade by itself. But either way, the trio is really a good deal. I'm seriously planning to get a backup.

3. JK Jemma Kidd Stain, Flush Blush Concentrate in Pose - I had seen these on clearance at the Target store and initially picked up Masquerade, which turned out to be a wonderful pink surprise. Then I got Pose, which is the peachier version of the blush and so far I really like it. I got this for $4. Unbelievable!

4. Hourglass No. 7 Finishing Brush - The weather's warmed up and I'm seriously into my new bronzer. I do like to touch up intermittently during the day and was looking for a really soft kabuki-style brush to keep in my purse. I didn't find a new one but instead rediscovered this brush from my stash. It's probably one of the most expensive brushes I own but I will not trade it for anything. It's the perfect size, density, shape and heft. It's such a well-crafted synthetic brush that hasn't shed a single hair since I bought it a couple of years ago.

5. Clarisonic Tangerine Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System - When Olay came out with the Pro X Cleansing System, I thought about getting one of those but read reviews saying that it really wasn't as good as the Clarisonic that it compares itself to. Not wanting to spend $195 on the full-size Clarisonic, I decided that the single-speed Mia was all I needed. Nordstrom has this exclusive offer for the Tangerine Mia that comes with a nice little bag that you can keep the unit in for travel and an extra brush head. I am so happy that I got it. I feel like my skin has never been better.

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