Friday, April 15, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Swatches

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Evasion, Elise and Biarritz

These lipsticks are so unbelievably hot! There are 18 shades, all of which are wearably sheer and the formula is hydrating to the core. They don't last as long as your regular Rouge Coco but they're packaged in this cute little black case that you'd want to bring out over and over anyway.

They had these cards out at the Chanel counters when the lipsticks launched. On the cards, you can mark the colors that you like. While the descriptions are mostly accurate, I found that some colors swatch differently from the way they apply on the lip. The lipstick interacts with your natural lip color so the colors can look different on different people.

Let me attempt to translate what these shades are. All 5 colors under the roses/pinks column are pink. Evasion looks peachy when swatched but I put it on and it is pink on me. Fetiche is also pink and I think it should have been in that column too. You may not want to buy more than one or two of the shades in this category because they tend to look the same on.

I didn't get to swatch all the colors because I tried to get just one or two from each color category. But here are the ones I was able to swatch. You can click the picture if you want a slightly bigger version.

From left: Monte Carlo, Liberte, Evasion, Aventure, Bel Ami, Biarritz, Boy, Elise

The Neiman Marcus exclusive shade Misia which I didn't get is a kind of coral/orange. Liberte and Sari D'eau are orangey. You could say coral but my daughter took one look at me in Liberte and said, "Mommy, your lips are orange." A four year old will tell it like it is. On my lips, Liberte is orange, and rather pigmented too. If you want to get in on the trend, the differences between them are subtle that I'd recommend going to a counter to try them on to see which works best with your coloring.

Here are those swatches again.

From left: Monte Carlo, Liberte, Evasion, Aventure, Bel Ami, Biarritz, Boy, Elise

They covered the reds with one blue-based and one orange-based shade. Rebelle is orange-based and Monte Carlo is a blue-based red with a touch of pink. I didn't buy Monte Carlo but it was in the sample card that I received with my purchase.

Elise appears to be the lone true berry in the bunch. I think it's more strawberry-hued than plummy. The rest of its sisters are real plums. These are the plums: Bonheur, Unique and Bel Ami. Unique seems brightest and has shimmer. Bel Ami has a tinge of brown and no shimmer. Bonheur is kind of in between in brightness but has no shimmer.

From left: Boy, Elise, Bel Ami

Of the neutrals (I took Bel Ami out of that column and lumped it in with the plums), I think Biarritz looked best on my skin tone. Deauville and Cavaliere seem quite dark in the tube but they're wearable. Cavaliere has some shimmer and I can see it looking good if you do a lot of color on your eyes. Canotier appears super sheer and barely has color but if you like an almost transparent pearl finish, that's your girl. I think it would look interesting paired with a deep, smoky eye. You can also use it as an accent shade and put it on top of the darker shades to add a pearly dimension to the color.

All told, I think they have the basic colors covered and I'm sure we'll be seeing more red and berry shades in the future. Just remember that these are sheer lipsticks and they reflect light really well. It's especially hard to photograph them and get the differences to show up well. Truth be told, on some colors, the differences are barely apparent. If I may, here are the swatches one last time, in brighter light with some flash.

From left: Monte Carlo, Liberte, Evasion, Aventure, Bel Ami, Biarritz, Boy, Elise

I've mentioned in my review of Boy that I think of these as a stick gloss of sorts. I find that they work nicely with lipliner. In the promo pictures of Vanessa Paradis, I believe she is supposed to be wearing the lipliner in Natural. It's a bit beigey, a bit brown. The lipliners come with a lipbrush on the other end and are packaged with a sharpener.

Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Natural

I've used Boy quite enough in the 2 months that I had it and I was hungry for more colors. I love this formula. It's rare that I would get so many off the bat but I haven't liked a lipstick this much in so long. I'm in love with the packaging and the feel. I've tried almost all of the colors and I think everyone will find something to like. Whatever color you pick, it will be a winner.

From left: Evasion, Elise, Biarritz

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