Monday, April 4, 2011

Maybelline Super Stay Lip Gloss in So Pearly Pink

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color Lip Gloss in So Pearly Pink

I saw the display for these new lip glosses at Target and was immediately drawn to the rack of pinks. Long-wearing lip colors aren't usually my thing but I wanted to at least give it a shot.

There's a two-step process involved in getting these on. First, you slick on color. You can see Maybelline's effort to create a wand that will help apply the color very evenly throughout the lip. It's kind of wide and somewhat flat on one side. You need to apply the thinnest layer of color and let it dry. They really mean it! Put on a super thin layer and do not move your lips for at least 2 minutes. Do not go over the area again or press your lips. Just open your mouth naturally and put on the gloss.

Once it's dried, you open the other side of the tube and put on the balm. My issue with long-wearing claims is that the formula tends to be drying. Maybelline "solved" that issue by providing a very moisturizing balm that you can reapply with abandon. This is the only thing you will purportedly need to reapply throughout the day. In my real experience, the gloss only lasted for 2 hours on my lips. I cannot go without having even a sip of water for more than 2 hours. This shade starts off a rather cool-looking, super frosted pink. While water generally won't truly remove all of the color, drinking will wear away at it until it's dulled down to a faint pearl shimmer. I had a chili dog for lunch and it was completely gone by the time I finished my sandwich.

Moisturizing Balm

So Pearly Pink Swatch

What's the point? Anything mildly greasy will act as makeup remover and erase this gloss. If you subsist on plain water and do not lick your lips or press them together throughout the day, I imagine it may last you the entire day without needing a touch up except for a little balm here and there. I like the balm that this comes with, for sure. The gloss itself? Not so much. It has a funny odor, feels very strange on the lips and requires much care in application. Honestly, no room for mistakes here. After you get it on, you can't really mess with it. I picked a pink, which is more natural and infinitely more forgiving than say, a red. But I am just not comfortable with the feel of this formula. If you've tried other long-wearing glosses in the past, this might be a clear improvement over older formulas. But for me, I just prefer something more conventional and I really don't mind having to reapply my color multiple times a day. (Besides, it's not like this lasted the whole day on me anyway!)

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