Friday, April 29, 2011

Korres Vitamin E Face Primer

The Korres Vitamin E Face Primer is a moisturizing, silicone-free primer. If you love "natural" makeup, this is one of the more moisturizing ones that I have tried.

Korres Vitamin E Face Primer

I used up this special size 10 oz. tube (part of a set) for testing and I think that they have something good here. It's definitely moisturizing and my skin feels really smooth after I use it. If anything, I think it's a little heavy on the skin and takes time to absorb fully. It also has a distinctive lemony odor that takes getting used to.

As far as prolonging the wear of makeup, I don't think that this does all that much but as far as prepping the skin for the smooth application of foundation, I think that this does the job. Packaging is a big thing here and not for appearances. The product does dry out once you get it out of the tube. If you get a sample at a store and it doesn't apply smoothly, your product has dried out. It should look really creamy and just melt on your skin.

I have a couple of favorite primers (Laura Mercier and MUFE) so I'm not switching to Korres any day. But if your skin reacts poorly to anything silicone-based or you simply don't like other primers, this might be worth a shot.

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