Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Almay Pure Blends Eyeshadows in Petal and Stone

Almay Pure Blends Eye Shadow in Stone
If you're looking for "natural" eyeshadows in mostly recycled packaging, Almay has something for you.

Almay Pure Blends Eye Shadow in Petal

The eyeshadows are housed in a white, cardboard and paper shell with a plastic sheet in the front so you can see the color. The label is at the back. I found that I'm not very happy with the packaging. I'm afraid that it doesn't do much to protect the product inside. This is not something you'll be keeping in your purse for sure. They're also hard to tell apart when you have a stack of them. Then, because it's lidded down via a magnet, a stack of them tends to just stick together.

The Trio For Browns wasn't exactly a home run but then again, I found these singles at an unbelievable bargain ($1.62 for the two of them before coupons). I was willing to give the brand another shot. Almay's claim to fame for this line are the "natural" ingredients, making these somewhat better for your skin than other brands.

225 Stone

225 Stone
210 Petal

210 Petal

These need the gentle touch because the pressing seems so fragile. Except, with a gentle swipe, you're barely going to get any color. There's always the temptation to pile it on, thinking that the color would intensify. Stop. It won't. All that will do is highlight the slight chalkiness that these eyeshadows have. If you use them as you would any normal eyeshadow, the color will apply very faintly. That's well and good if you're going for au naturel. The pink and grey combo is certainly nice for everyday, in theory. In this case, most of the color will come from Stone as Petal simply delivers a wash of almost white. It's probably better just as a highlighter, what with the satiny finish.

Swatches (with clear primer) from left: Petal, Stone

I'm naturally drawn to pink and grey eyeshadow combos. I have these two colors in a number of brands and I find them easy to use. Wash with pink, line with grey, you know? So I stumbled upon these two eyeshadows bundled together and thought I'd swatch them for you. Overall, they're not my favorite. There are a lot of other eyeshadows that are way better quality and easier to use, even at this same price point. The regular price for these fall in the $6-7 region and it's easy to find it for less, which to be honest, is probably what you want to pay. More like $2. I have two more colors, Lavender and Sage, that I could try and swatch tomorrow.

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