Sunday, March 27, 2011

Top 5 Rouge Coco Edition

This weekend, I want to share with you my favorite colors from the Chanel Rouge Coco line of lipsticks. I have to warn you, I'm more of a pink and beige kind of lipstick wearer so you're not going to find a red shade on my list. These are the ones I wear most often from my collection.

1. Perle is a kind of mauvy beige with a pearl finish. This falls under the beige family on Chanel's list. While it's been compared to the limited edition shade Stunning, you'll see the swatches in my review that prove they are truly not the same.

2. Cashmere is another shade that falls under the beige family of colors but this one is more of a peach. Essentially a more washed out nude than Perle, I reach for this when I want a truly neutral lip.

3. Organdi Rose is considered a pink with a violet/berry undertone. If I need some depth of color, this is what I reach for. It makes a lovely focal point for a neutral eye and cheek.

4. Camelia is the second shade that I picked up. I was sucked in by the beautiful ads featuring Vanessa Paradis and initially ordered Mademoiselle without trying it on. I was very much disappointed in how Mademoiselle looked on me (leans orange somehow) so when I finally did get to play around with some testers, I decided to get this. It's a rosy pink with a pearl finish. I like how this looks good on its own, even when I'm not wearing any other makeup at all.

5. Patchouli is not one of the original shades and is limited edition. I wanted to stay away from featuring something with limited availability (it's from the holiday 2010 collection) but I had to mention Patchouli. It's been an easy to wear everyday shade for me. It goes on well by itself. It looks brown in the tube but it's more coppery with some peach and gold tones.

I generally like to wear the Rouge Coco lipsticks by themselves and they tend to look great applied straight from the tube. They hug the lips really well. Rouge Cocos are typically very nicely pigmented and are more moisturizing than their predecessor the Rouge Hydrabase but I personally feel that they are not as smooth as Chanel's other lipstick line Rouge Allure. If your lips are in less than perfect condition, I've found that Rouge Coco lipsticks tend to cling to the odd dry spot. They're never very shiny so they're not going to give you a wet look. Instead, they look very natural. I also think that they don't take as well to topping off with gloss (they just wear better alone) but you can certainly do so if you want to.

From left: Perle, Cashmere, Organdi Rose, Camelia, Patchouli

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